Review: SwitchBot Outdoor Spotlight Cam – Modern Day Night Watchman

Easily Illuminate Your Outdoors

In ancient times to protect the valuables within a city, they would employ the services of a human watchman. The benefit of such a human sentry posted in the city would be he could identify if something was a danger or simply a wild animal running around.

However, in recent times we have become complacent with relying on a deadbolt for a lock to protect not just our valuables but our family’s most important and valuable. The conflict a part of our modern day is if you hear something going on outside your door or your home you have to get up to see what is happening is it an animal or is it someone trying to get into your home? Even though it might seem unreasonable and too expensive to hire an individual to stay up to protect your home or even more so to stay up yourself and patrol your house.

There is a way though that you can in effect hire an intelligent watchman for your home that is not expensive and that is very reliable and it keeps not only your valuables but your family safe. This device is the SwitchBot Outdoor Spotlight Cam. Even though you may already be familiar with SwitchBot’s interior cam that can be used to in effect patrol the inside of your home. Switchboard has now developed a camera that will patrol outside your home.


Design and Features

Even though it is labeled as a spotlight cam it is approximately 3 x 3 x 3″ in carries a direct spotlight, unlike larger models that flood your yard along with your neighbors this particular device is designed to provide powerful and controlled light to whatever might be in its path. Weighing in at about a pound and is powered by three lithium-ion batteries which are included with the device.

The high-quality design of the switch bot spotlight cam is well-suited for high-quality protection of your home and family. One thing I find frustrating about most cameras is that they’re just basically a device to deter individuals by just being there however the switch bot provides 1080 P resolution video.

Oddly enough most cameras do not do well in low or nighttime situations when you need them to work their best however the switchboard comes with a built-in infrared sensor and lens so you’re able to get a clearer picture when recording at night in an all-color in a spot light becomes activated when movement is detected.

I know my neighbor has one of those and it goes off all the time because the motion sensor just sees motion it cannot tell whether it’s an animal a person or if its leaves and branches blowing however the switch comes with AI human habitation so the camera can differentiate between human pet and other forms of move it to help prevent falls alerts so you know that you are getting a valid indication of something going on whenever the switchboard is activated. As well this switch my camera is well designed to stand the test of the weather whether it be dust rain or snow it is designed to endure the elements in the battery life on this particular device is double with the industry standard has become so I can give you a longer charge life for your spotlight cam.

Often people become blind to spotlights or motion light devices because they know that they are not connected to anything or that they’re just an indicator of movement however the switch by outdoor spotlight cam has a built-in microphone on the camera so you can talk to whoever may be approaching your home. If this device can be connected using the Alexa or Google home system so that voice commands can be used to operate in check the devices like the echo show

If,  you ever need to have proof of an individual or something going on in your yard or possibly a missed delivery. The SwitchBot Cam can store the footage and keep it saved either with a microSD card that supports up to 256 GB of information or via a cloud system on the AWS server which a 30-day free trial offer is included with the purchase of a new switch by outdoor spotlight cam.

A Constant Sentinal

So that we have the technical information about this device in mind the benefit of having not just a temporary watchman over your home but something that will provide 24-hour seven days week coverage for your home and your family is invaluable and the fact that it has a very clear picture that makes it worthwhile the sad fact is with many cameras they are useless with the type and quality of video that they provide

We know that whenever we drive a car that we have to be very careful and safe to look out for our Blindspot whenever changing lanes most cameras also have a Blindspot whenever you set them up in your yard many times I know that I spoke to neighbors of mine and they said well it only comes on whenever somebody walks directly in front of the camera however with the switch bot outdoor spotlight cam you can customize the detection zone for your camera if you have an area that tends to be well-trafficked a sidewalk you can adjust your camera to be sensitive to that location so that you would never miss anybody entering your property or maybe assist somebody who’s coming home with a bag full of groceries.

The SwitchBot is indeed an excellent tool and security device. Even with its many advantages, the switch by itself can’t do all the work however you can put multiple cameras around your home and you can view up to four areas at one time on your mobile device providing even more constant protection for you and your family.

Since the switchboard is connected to a wireless system it supports home sharing so there’s not one centralized individual they can be the only person to look at the footage know the whole family can be given access to the camera and know whenever they come home that they’re going to be or if they are located outside of the city or town or even country you can always maintain a watchful eye on your possessions and family.

The great thing about this part is that it doesn’t require an installer. The SwitchBot Outdoor Spotlight Cam is DIY. once you find the right post for your guard camera it installs in minutes. Fully designed as a DIY simply download the app to your phone choose your device your Wi-Fi and then scan the QR code and your device is set up I’m ready to protect your family.

The SwitchBot outdoor spotlight cam is part of the SwitchBopt line so it is just one device that can be added to the network of devices that you may already have in your home.

The best way to acquire this modern-day electronic watchman. Will be to march on over to the SwitchBot site. Once you land there,  you will see that SwitchBot is a veteran in the home safety space. The outdoor spotlight Cam is just 1 in a line of products to improve life and safety

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