All The Technology You Need for Online/Distance Learning

If you start your online or distance learning, you might want to know about remote learning devices. As teachers and students interact without any physical presence, the availability of proper devices for online classes is a must! 

In distance learning, you can get educational facilities by just relying on the internet to join classes to obtain knowledge. The courses will be taught to students through webinars, videos, online texts, audio and more. 

You can simply note things on your laptop’s notepad, docs or college paper writing. This way you’ll be able to recall the relevant and vital information as and when required. 

We will get into the list of must-have distance learning equipment. But before that let’s get familiar with its importance. 

Importance of Distance Learning Tools 

“Technology is best when it brings people together.” 

So, let’s get to know about its importance in distance/online learning in detail!

  • Engages students: Learning tools provide different ways to teach students. It is not only effective but is also one of the best ways to engage students and make them learn in a fun way. 
  • Makes interaction fluent: Research writers claim that interaction is impossible in online learning without the use of technology. It encourages students to present their viewpoints. At the same time, learn from others as well. 
  • Consistent learning opportunity: You won’t have a fear of missing classes due to many external factors. Simply connect to the technology and start learning whenever and wherever you want. Due to flexibility, you can learn daily. 
  • Personalized learning experience: Distance learning provides students with their own space to learn things. At this time, technology plays a vital role in gathering all the necessary information with ease! 

Technologies Needed for Online/Distance Learning

Let’s get familiar with some of the remote learning devices that you need for online learning. 

  1. Learning Management System (LMS) 

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a perfect software application to deliver course materials to students. It can also be used to assign quizzes, provide feedback and more. 

Tracking the overall student performance is easy and convenient with LMS. Also, the teachers can manage all the course materials in a single place. 

Canvas, Moodle, and Masteriyo are some examples of the perfect learning management system. 

  1. Online Textbooks

If you don’t write daily, you’ll forget. The human brain cannot memorize things entirely. So, it is suggested to students use online textbooks. This equipment for online teaching might seem minor but is equally important. 

You don’t have any idea about one? That is completely okay. If you go through the internet, you can easily find millions of online textbooks, digital open textbooks or eText books with ease. 

  1. Noise-cancellation Headphones

One of the worst parts of distance learning is the disturbance in the home environment. There might be some construction going on in the neighborhood or some noise in your own home. 

It’s hard to ignore it entirely. So, for that, we suggest you use noise-cancellation headphones. This will entirely block all the noise coming from the external environment. 

This way you will be able to concentrate on your studies entirely. Note down that it’s not a compulsion but will make things easier for you. 

  1. Productivity Tools

What’s a productivity tool? Those tools which help you to increase your efficiency in everyday tasks can be named productivity tools. 

Some of the productivity tools include: 

  • Email 
  • Calendar
  • Taking notes
  • Making to-do lists and more. 

However, when choosing any of these tools, compatibility matters. So, before doing installations, make sure that those tools work well with what you use already. 

  1. Collaboration Tools

Learning is fun when done collaboratively! So, make sure that you use collaboration technology tools, that will enable you to share information. 

Collaboration is all about expressing and gaining knowledge. So, you not only get to share, but you can also learn things differently by analyzing others’ perspectives. 

To make it fluent, instructors can schedule classes. Then they should encourage their student to participate in different activities. Turning on the video and live chat will make it even more effective. 

There can be face-to-face interaction similar to the traditional learning approach. 

  1. Videoconference

Most of the time, online learning might be dull as students might not participate in interaction with the instructors. Moreover, using videoconferences will enable two side communication. 

This way the teachers can understand if students are understanding things that are being taught or not. 

Due to its effectiveness, it is used in distance learning to make sure that there is no dullness. Rather there should be more interaction. 

  1. Webcast

Not every teacher might record what they are teaching. During exams, if you have not kept the note, it might be difficult for you to recall everything that was taught in your class. 

That’s when the webcast comes in role. You can use webcast to record all audio, videos, slides and more. Also, you can synchronize it as per your necessity. 

  1. Additional Devices/Peripherals

Additional devices play a vital role in some circumstances. As unnecessary as we might consider but, even a device like a printer will be important for students to print out all their assignments and codes. 

Similarly, at the instructor’s end use of a light pen or other different gadgets might be important to present the class smoothly. 

So, if you are a teacher or student of distance learning you should use peripherals effectively to make sure that you don’t miss out on anything while teaching or learning. 

  1. Assistive Technology 

Some specially-abled students might have learning or physical disabilities. 

In this scenario, assistive technology will help them to increase or maintain the same level of efficiency as any other kids. The use of this technology ensures that everyone learns with equal rights. 

A simple example of it might be enabling subtitles in the classroom. Use of both audio and videos. So, the one who can’t hear can see videos and the one who can’t see can hear the audio. 

  1. Scheduling Platform 

Students perform different tasks in a day. If the scheduling is not right, they might miss out on different events. 

To ensure that students are reminded of what’s coming next, they need to use the proper scheduling platform. It is not precise, and this platform can vary from student to student. Some might simply need to use it whereas some students might need to turn on the reminder or notification on the arrival of events. 

So, the instructors should encourage their students to use proper scheduling platforms so they don’t miss out on any important opportunities. 

Final Thought 

In simple words, online/distance learning is not possible without e-learning tools and technologies. Amongst them as well, you need to make a wise decision which is both economical and beneficial. 

In distance learning, students cannot interact physically, so they meet, learn and share virtually. Technologies leave no stone unturned as it engages both parties and enable fluent communication and interaction.

If you also have a list of technologies that are needed for remote learning that we have missed? Feel free to mention the tool in the comments section below! 

We wish you all the best for your online learning journey! 

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