Ford’s F-150 Continues to Set the Standard by which All Others are Judged

Automotive trends come and go, but the pick up truck is a staple of American life that has been constant for the past 70 years or more. Ford’s F-series has been part of the landscape since 1948, and despite growing competition, both domestically and from overseas, it remains a market leader. In fact, the F-150 has been America’s best selling vehicle for an incredible 30 years.

The latest F-150 doesn’t just rely on brand loyalty, something that is in diminishing supply in today’s automotive world. It continues to set the standards by which the rest of the market is judged.

A philosophy of continuous improvement

To triumph consistently over the competition, you need to understand and learn from their strengths. This is an area in which America’s automotive industry struggled in the late 20th century, and Japanese competitors ripped chunks out of their market share. Ford have not made this mistake with the F-150.

Continuous improvement is a Toyota philosophy that Ford has taken to heart. The F-150 is regularly upgraded – the current is the 14th generation – and that means it is always at the cutting edge. Ecoboost, for example, came in for the 2011 model year and delivered unbeatable fuel economy. Now, the F-150 is one of the early adopters in the high end EV / hybrid market.

A world-beating safety record

There’s no denying that America’s roads are dangerous. With around 40,000 fatalities a year, truck accident lawyers are kept busy across America from January to December. Yet despite their popularity and ubiquity across the United States, fewer than 800 of those 40,000 are in trucks.

Of course, trucks are inherently safer in comparison with regular smaller vehicles due to their size and construction. But the F-150’s 5-star ratings for front and rear protection lead the pack.

An F-150 for everyone

Ford has traditionally targeted the “everyman” and continues to do so with the entry level XL that is priced at $35,000. But there are seven other specs, up to the $75,000 Limited, which is right up there with the best that Toyota can offer.

The introduction of the F-150 Lightning proves that Ford has all its bases covered, with a fully electric version that does everything the traditional gasoline powered truck can do, and with a range of up to 300 miles between charges. 

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