Review: ASUS X670 Motherboard – A Game-Changing Piece of Tech

Tech that even Tony Stark would be proud of!

If you’re into gaming as I imagine many of you reading this are, ASUS needs no introduction. This industry-leading, phone hardware and electronics manufacturer is a behemoth in the tech industry with an impressive product lineup.

I’m not an old fart but…

I’m in complete awe of the culture and sub-culture that spawns from advances in technology. We often see it in the automobile industry where things like tuning and customising are seen as valuable skills to possess. Anyone that’s a fan of movies such as Fast & Furious will know how serious and important it is to spec up a car to the owners discerning requirements. The world of computers and gaming is no different.

While many individuals are content buying an off-the-shelf computer for their gaming needs, there is a hardcore group of perfectionists that insist on building their own feature-rich computer to power their thirst for peak performance at all times.

Introducing the ASUS X670 – The Daddy of Motherboards!

In simple terms, the motherboard is like the first iteration of Ironman’s suit. While it’s perfectly acceptable and will get you up and running/flying, components can be added to it to substantially increase its performance and make it “kick-ass”. The X670 motherboard comes with superlative features like:

  • Overclocking technologies that will enable the user to perform more operations per second. Overclocking will ensure it is ready to perform even better than Intel’s latest 12th gen processor.
  • Ultra fast networking with 2.5G and 10G Ethernet and WiFi 6E
  • Dual USB4® ports that provide 40Gbps of bidirectional bandwidth that will increase transfer speeds to and from external devices
  • Upto 4 x DIMM slots giving a maximum of 128GB, DDR5
  • Graphics output via HDMI can support a max resolution of 4096 x 2160
  • Comprehensive Gen 5 support
  • Optimised M.2 Heatsinks Ready for PCIe 5.0 Drives
  • High Frequency DDR5 support
  • Dynamic OC Switcher and Core Flex
  • Onboard fan headers for optimised cooling because when you’re this hot, you gotta keep cool! The fans dynamically adjust speed to deliver the best balance between temperature and acoustics.

Not just for gamers

The ASUS X670/ X670E Motherboards are categorised into a series of five tailor-made ranges; ROG Crosshair, ROG Strix, TUF Gaming, Prime and Pro Art. Each range is set up to meet the needs of different users who are able to further customise/fine-tune their hardware solution. While the Asus X670 Motherboard will appeal to gamers, its robust features will also tickle the fancy of Creators, DIYers and everyday users too. It’s understandable that there isn’t a silver bullet that will be all things to all people. The ROG Crosshair brand is aimed at heavy game use and those who need to make use of the Overclocking capabilities of the X670. According to ASUS, The ROG Strix is aimed at the Style-Conscious gamer whilst the TUF Gaming “flavour” is aimed at casual gamers and first-time builders. The Prime range is for general, all-round PC builders whereas the ProArt range is specced to meet the needs of Creative professionals.

But what do I really think?

As I alluded to at the beginning of this review, the name ASUS speaks for itself. I strongly believe that if you have the wherewithal to build your own bespoke computer, the ASUS X670 Motherboard is the perfect foundation on which to build the hardware solution of your dreams.

To find out more on the ASUS X670 motherboard, go to the ASUS website:

Or check them out on Amazon:

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