Review: Tribit StormBox Blast Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Immerse yourself in crystal-clear sound with the StormBox Blast!

The team at Tribit take sound seriously. This is no understatement. The company was formed with a mission to elevate the music experience for everyone whether they’re on the go, on their daily commute or simply enjoying nature and the great outdoors.  Tribit is a team of audio experts, experienced acoustic, electronic, and mechanical engineers each of whom is dedicated to perfect the delivery of quality sound to your ears for modern-day living.

Let me paint you a picture…

Imagine that you are in charge of providing music for an event, any event. A party, wedding, festival, vacation… you get the idea. Back in the old days, this involved rummaging around for your collection of archaic mixtapes or vinyl records. Then the delivery of music evolved to CDs and MP3 players. Nowadays, we live in the age of online music and streaming services. We no longer have to curate our music collections in tatty cardboard boxes. If you have a smartphone, you’re most probably carrying your music collection around with you and not even giving it much thought! As with many other things these days, music has become instant and on demand.

Whether your music is a collection of MP3 files on your phone, or a playlist on the multitude of streaming services available online such as Spotify, Amazon, Youtube etc… You are just a click or two away from enjoying the sounds of Mozart or Motorhead, Chopin or Coldplay, Edward Elgar or Ed Sheeran or indeed Rachmaninoff or Rihanna.

If you have a Bluetooth-enabled device such as a smartphone or tablet, all you need to get boogying on the dance floor is a Bluetooth speaker. However, there are bluetooth speakers and there are Bluetooth Speakers. The Tribit Stormbox Blast I feel, belongs to the latter.

Unboxing Ceremony

Depending on the size of the product, my reviews always tend to begin with the moment it lands through my door. In the case of the Tribit Stormbox Blast which is considerably bigger than the aperture of my letterbox, it begins with the unboxing ceremony.

I’ve mentioned in a previous review that I like to cause minimum damage to the packaging when opening the box especially when I’m reviewing a product. This box required Herculean strength to prise open the box. My patience was rewarded when I espied the speaker for the first time. As I lifted it out of the box, I immediately noticed its weight. At around 5.5kg, it was heavier than I was expecting but surely this was because of the superior quality components inside?, I presumed.

Also in the box came a power cable with a mains plug attached to it and the multi-language instruction manual.

I diligently familiarised myself with the control buttons on the top surface of the speaker. I pressed the Power On/Off button and the speaker greeted me with a pleasant tune and the LED lights sprang to life as well. I attached the power cable and switched it on from the mains as I didn’t know how much power the speaker was already charged with.

Next came the Bluetooth pairing. I pressed the Bluetooth Pairing button and checked my phone to see if it appeared in the list of connected devices and Hey Presto, It did!

“If music be the food of love, play on!”

I wouldn’t call myself a hardcore audiophile but I do find comfort in listening to music to stimulate creativity when I’m working. The most instant source of music for me, on my phone is Youtube. I searched for a suitable music playlist and turned up the volume on the Stormbox Blast speaker.

I was instantly blown away by the richness and depth of the sound produced by the 90W speakers. Up until then, I was content listening to music through (what I now believe to be) the mediocre sound produced by my phone. I must also mention that I have a very capable set of Creative Pebble Pro computer speakers (which I have also reviewed) connected to my Macbook. These also produce amazing sound but the Tribit Stormbox Blast is in a league of its own. It’s wirelessness and portability(ness) are what set this speaker apart. For a communal music listening experience, it is my opinion that you can’t go wrong with the Tribit Stormbox Blast. The amazing power of sound is delivered with 2 x 30W Woofers and 2 x 15W Tweeters. Being a considerate neighbour though,  I didn’t pump up the volume to the max but even so, I was left with no doubt that if I did throw caution to the wind, the neighbours’ curtains would twitch, phones would ring and the local police force may get involved!

What’s more, the 32 LED lights which are integrated into the Stormbox speaker were pulsating in sync with the music I was playing. Recently, I have found the ubiquitous and willy-nilly use of LED lighting on some tech devices a bit of an overkill, but not this. This Bluetooth speaker is a full-blown Party Machine and I feel the LED lights add so much to the overall experience. However, for those of a more gentile constitution who prefer to click their fingers, hum and tap their toes to music, the LED lights can be switched off lest it becomes an assault on their sensory organs!

There’s more!

The Tribit Stormbox Blast isn’t “all fur coat and no knickers” either. The aesthetic appeal of this Bluetooth speaker is complemented by useful technological features too. In addition to the aforementioned punchy sound quality, users are able to pair two devices to the unit so you can have a co-DJ at your party if you don’t want to subject the audience to one person’s musical taste alone. Furthermore, the Stormbox Blast can memorise eight devices.

The multifunctional button which is designated by a circle symbol allows you to play/ pause playback, skip the track or play the previous track. These commands are actioned by pressing the button in a combination of ways.

The team at Tribit have cleverly developed their own XBass® technology which is activated by pressing the X Bass button. The speaker also benefits from Tribit’s patented Runstretch™ technology for increased battery life. If, by any chance, you find yourself attending a pool party or if your gathering is hampered by rain, you will be relieved to know that the speaker has an IPX7 waterproofing grade.

It’s a sad fact of life these days that our phone batteries can unexpectedly get depleted. In such cases, the Stormbox Blast comes to the rescue by acting as a power bank. As long as you have a USB power cable on hand, you can charge your phone via the USB-C charging port located at the back of the unit.

Also, for your delectation, the Tribit Stormbox Blast is equipped with an AUX-IN Port increasing your interaction level with this Bluetooth speaker.

The conclusion

The Tribit Stormbox Blast is a mighty powerful, portable Bluetooth Speaker. Providing up to 30 hours of use, the Runstretch™ battery technology will ensure your Bluetooth speaker will continue to blast out tunes long after the final partygoer has left unless you’ve invited the chaps from Motley Crüe, Rolling Stones or Aerosmith to your do!

The Stormbox can definitely hold its own when compared with its peers and rivals. Being a relatively “new kid on the block”, it benefits from not resting on its laurels and continues to evolve, develop and improve. With a lineup of products that enforces the brand’s core values, Tribit continues to carve out a niche of its own with the Enjoy-Your-Music-Anywhere ethos.

To find out more on the Tribit Stormbox Blast, check out their Website.

Or find the Stormbox Blast on Amazon Here.

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