The Q Revo from Roborock. Cutting-Edge Cleaning Solution

We couldn’t be more thrilled to announce the arrival of Roborock’s newest cleaning marvel, the Q Revo. Ingeniously designed to integrate into your living space, it provides a tailored and inventive approach to cleanliness.

The WiFi connected Q Revo vacuums and scrubs your floors at 200 RPM, ensuring cleanliness without leaving behind any trace of dirt.

This hybrid cleaner, combining vacuuming and mopping functionality in one device, boasts an upgraded mopping system alongside a self-sustaining dock. It integrates smart features and effortless app compatibility that simplifies house-keeping tasks down to an easy chore with minimal exertion required on your part. The cutting-edge PreciSense LiDAR Navigation system incorporated in the Q Revo ensures maximum efficiency, propelling your home cleaning regimen into new realms of ease.

The self-charging and low-maintenance dock performs self-emptying, self-refilling, mop washing, and auto drying.

Key Features

Revolutionised Cleaning System: The Q Revo system, possessing the power to scrub your floors at an impressive speed of 200 RPM, ensures cleanliness without leaving any traces of dirt. Its sophisticated mopping function lifts automatically up to 7mm while simultaneously vacuuming, effortlessly delivering a spotless surface.

Self-Sustaining Dock: Our advanced docking station requires minimal upkeep as it’s equipped with self-charging and automatic emptying features. It takes care of mop cleansing and auto drying tasks on its own. With a voluminous clean water tank capacity of 5L, dust bag space for 2.7L debris, plus automated refilling capabilities, this dock is designed for convenience.

Powerful Suction and Intelligent Operation: Q Revo exhibits remarkable suction power measuring up to 5500Pa and an entirely rubber brush, ensuring efficient cleaning. It employs Reactive Tech Obstacle Avoidance technology for seamless navigation through obstacles in its path. Leveraging innovative PreciSense LiDAR navigational smart home intelligence enables the device to scrutinise its environment meticulously before charting out an optimised path for cleaning.

The Roborock Q Revo scans your home to provide precise cleaning in every corner.

Effortless Application Compatibility: Designed keeping user convenience in mind – Q Revo syncs flawlessly with the Roborock App bringing control over your robotic cleaner right at your fingertips! Enhance your interaction by exploring Quick Mapping functions or setting customised Cleaning Schedules according to personal preference using Multi-Level Mapping or detailed 3D mapping options available within the app realm.

The most recent updates include features like Deep Carpet Cleaning, which assures thorough sanitation even within carpet fibres; Clean Along Floor Direction guarantees systematic floor sweep; Smart Suggestions provide intelligent advice on areas best avoided during operation – all aimed at creating a user-centric experience that values ease-of-use alongside technological sophistication.

The Roborock Q Revo are available for purchase at JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman, David Jones, Roborock Online Store, Robot Specialist, Mobileciti and Godfreys in Australia at AU$1,999.

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