Review: Joby Wavo AIR – Taking Wireless Audio Transmissions to Greater Levels

A Glimpse into the Future of Studio-Quality Sound Capturing

Wireless audio technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, and a front runner of this evolution is the company Joby. Whether you’re a vlogger on the move, a filmmaker capturing the perfect shot, or a podcaster in search of studio-quality sound, the recently launched Joby Wavo AIR aims to be your reliable companion. This modular wireless audio system features high-quality 2.4GHz wireless audio transmission, an innovative modular mounting system, effortless pairing, and an outstanding battery life of up to 6 hours. But does it genuinely deliver on its promises? Let’s explore and find out!

Find Your Creativity with Modular Freedom

The standout feature of the Joby Wavo AIR is undoubtedly its innovative modular mounting system. This system is designed with creativity in mind, allowing you to adapt the microphones to your specific needs effortlessly. Whether you’re using a smartphone or a camera, finding the perfect position for your microphones has never been easier. The included cold shoe mount and GorillaPod leg clip for the Wavo Air receiver (RX) ensure a secure and customizable setup. Additionally, the magnetic pendant for the transmitter provides a hassle-free way to position it, enabling you to record your voice with precision.

The Wavo AIR delivers high-quality 2.4GHz wireless audio transmission. This ensures that your audio remains crisp and clear, even when you’re up to 50 meters (164 feet) away from your recording device. Say goodbye to tangled wires and compromised audio quality—this system is engineered to deliver top-notch sound. Reflecting on my past experiences as a media producer, I can’t help but wish I had the Wavo AIR back then. In situations where I had to conduct interviews or shoot dynamic scenes, I often struggled with the limitations of wired microphones. The Wavo AIR would have been a life saver, providing the freedom to move around without the constraints of cables and consistently delivering pristine audio quality, elevating the overall quality of my projects.

Whether you’re a solo creator or working in a team, the Joby Wavo AIR has you covered. It comes with two lav mics and a double transmitter (TX), making it ideal for interviews, dual-host podcasts, or any scenario where multiple audio sources are required. The seamless integration of these components makes for an efficient and versatile audio setup.

Setting Up and Pairing Made Easy

The Wavo AIR doesn’t just simplify audio setup and pairing; it revolutionizes the process, making it a seamless experience for content creators of all levels of expertise. Its user-friendly design ensures that you can transition from unboxing to recording in mere minutes. The fast pairing process is akin to a breath of fresh air, sparing you from the frustrating intricacies often associated with technical setups. For instance, imagine you’re all set to record a heartwarming family interview to preserve cherished memories. With the Wavo AIR, you power on the devices, and like magic, they effortlessly pair. This quick and hassle-free process frees you to focus entirely on the conversation and storytelling, without being encumbered by the intricacies of wireless audio. This simplicity is a true blessing, particularly for those who may be embarking on their first foray into the world of wireless audio setups. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie, the Wavo AIR ensures that the technical aspects fade into the background, allowing your creative spirit to shine.

Enhanced Battery Life for Extended Sessions

The Joby Wavo AIR comes equipped with an impressive battery life of up to 6 hours. This extended runtime ensures that you can record for extended periods without worrying about running out of power. Whether you’re filming an entire documentary or capturing a long podcast episode, this battery life provides the reliability you need.

Keeping your gear powered up is a breeze with the Wavo AIR. The USB-C charging port offers fast and convenient charging, so you can quickly get back to what you love doing most—creating content.


  • Modular Flexibility: The Joby Wavo AIR allows for versatile microphone placement, ensuring optimal audio quality for various recording scenarios.
  • High-Quality Wireless Audio: With 2.4GHz wireless transmission, it delivers clear and interference-free sound even up to 50 meters away, making it reliable for various shooting environments
  • Versatility with Multiple Microphones: With two lav mics and a double transmitter, the Wavo AIR accommodates various audio source requirements, ideal for interviews, podcasts, or dynamic scenes.
  • Extended Battery Life and USB-C Charging: Enjoy up to 6 hours of recording time, and the convenience of USB-C charging minimizes downtime.


  • Premium Price Point: The Wavo AIR falls into the premium price category.
  • Compatibility Limitations: Some older or less common devices may not support the 2.4GHz wireless transmission.

The Joby Wavo AIR doesn’t just stop at delivering exceptional wireless audio—it comes complete with a treasure trove of accessories that enhance your recording experience. Inside the box, you’ll find two transmitters and a receiver, ensuring you’re well-equipped. The inclusion of both a TRS Camera cable and a TRRS Smartphone cable makes it compatible with a variety of recording devices. With three USB-C to USB-A charging cables, keeping your gear powered up is a breeze. Two high-quality lavalier microphones ensure that you’re ready for any audio source, and the magnetic pendant and support, along with the cold shoe support and clip-on support, simplify microphone placement. Additionally, the GorillaPod leg clip and two fuzzy windshields for the transmitters provide added versatility and wind noise reduction for outdoor recording sessions. With this comprehensive set of accessories, the Joby Wavo AIR ensures that you have everything you need to produce professional-grade content right out of the box.

In Conclusion

The Joby Wavo AIR is an impressive piece of technology in the world of wireless audio. Its intuitive design empowers creatives to experiment with different microphone placements, ensuring audio excellence every time. The high-quality 2.4GHz wireless audio transmission guarantees clear and interference-free sound, even at a distance. The inclusion of two lav mics and a double transmitter adds versatility, making it suitable for various situations.

With it’s user-friendly setup process and impressive battery life, the Joby Wavo AIR proves to be a dependable companion for content creators on the move. No more cumbersome wires and technical headaches. This system simplifies your audio setup, allowing you to focus on what you do best, create engaging content. Although the price point may be a bit steep for some at $249.95, the audio quality, simple pairing, and what comes in the box definitely makes up for it.

You can pickup your own Joby Wavo AIR at the Official Joby’s Website and selected retail stores. Don’t miss the opportunity to take your content creation to the next level. Your audience will thank you for the crystal-clear sound, and you’ll thank yourself for investing in the Joby Wavo AIR.

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