There are not many models on the market that have their own personality and unusual design. It so happened that it is in the 400-500$ segment that today there is a competition to see who will offer memorable devices that will become interesting and highlight their user. In my opinion, due to the embossed leather back, Huawei achieved this moment in the best possible way. Among the direct competitors is the realme 11 Pro+ 5G model. It illustrates well the direction in which the thoughts of designers and model creators in this segment are heading. Let’s take a look at the Huawei Nova 11 Pro to evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages of the device.

The Intermediate Flagship 

Huawei tried to create a device that can safely be called an intermediate flagship. On the one hand, the emphasis is on a bright design plus the presence of fast charging and a good main camera, on the other hand, this is a model that should be reasonably priced for its characteristics. A kind of price/quality ratio aimed at the youth audience and reasonable buyers who are not ready to pay the price of the flagship, but want to receive some of its features. When creating such models, there are always certain assumptions, since we are different people and everyone chooses a certain set of possibilities. Here it is primarily design and cameras.

Design, Dimensions, Control Elements

The device is available in two colors – black and green. In both cases, the back of the device is made of eco-leather, embossed with the word Nova, which is inscribed in a square. 

The screen is curved, which reveals technology usually found only in expensive devices. Plays beautifully in the light, in terms of ergonomics it does not have any flaws, there are no accidental clicks or mistakes during operation. But usually “common” sense suggests that the strength of such screens is low, and if dropped, it can be broken. We have great news for you. Huawei nova 11 Pro uses Kunlun glass developed by Huawei, it provides excellent durability and is designed to withstand drops. 

The camera block on the rear panel protrudes, but this does not create any problems; the device rests well on them. Even if you don’t use a cover, the camera unit does not touch the edges of your clothes. You can use your smartphone without a case. The build quality is excellent, there’s really nothing to complain about.

The fingerprint sensor built into the screen works great, there are no complaints.


Let’s look at the technical characteristics of the screen – 6.78 inches, 1200×2652 pixels (20:9), 120 Hz, OLED, 412 ppi, automatic brightness adjustment (10-channel RGB sensor), AlwaysOn Display, Kunlun glass, P3 color gamut, HDR support.

For those who like to read in the dark or often watch something from their phone before going to bed, there is a blue filter, but, most importantly, your device understands the conditions in which you are watching the screen.

Another important point is the quality of color rendering. Huawei is focused on ensuring that the quality of color reproduction is the same on different devices, and that you see the picture the same in different lighting conditions. The company has added a 10-channel RGB sensor, which is responsible for determining the light level. Accurate measurement of light flux, plus adaptive adjustment of screen brightness – all together reduces eye fatigue and allows you to use the phone for a long time without negative effects. But even with these developments, you still need to remember that you shouldn’t look at the screen for many hours non-stop, you need to take a break.

The display of a smartphone is important because it determines how you perceive information and how tired you are or not. And there’s nothing to complain about; for active users, this is an excellent screen that has no flaws.


The phone comes with a 100-watt charger; this choice is not accidental. Imagine a situation where a young man misses his alarm, hasn’t put his phone on charge the night before, and needs to quickly get ready and run to class. I’m sure this is one of the most common scenarios. Sometimes you have five minutes left, sometimes you have half an hour before leaving the house. With the included charging of Huawei nova 11 Pro, you can charge 24% in five minutes, up to 51% in fifteen minutes, and the full battery charge time is 36 minutes. For many this will be a pleasant feature, which allows them to avoid developing unnecessary habits about the need to charge their phone at night.


The camera interface and settings are familiar from other devices of the company; there are no significant changes here.

The 60-megapixel front camera makes the device stand out from many others; it has autofocus and various effects. Look at examples of pictures taken with the front camera.

The main module is UltraVision, it has a 50-megapixel sensor, which shoots well in different lighting conditions. Laser autofocus for accurate shots, plus multi-point focusing, which makes the device stand out in its class. Look at a number of examples.

But the most important thing is portrait photography in different lighting conditions with the main camera. There are many settings inside the camera, you can improve skin tone, remove roughness and much more.


The call quality is excellent, the call volume is above average. The device turned out to be interesting, and even the absence of 5G or GMS services cannot make it less interesting. The main thing about it is the quality of the photographs, plus an unusual design. At a cost of 500$, it has many competitors.

For example, the realme 11 Pro Plus comes to mind; at a price of about 400 boxes, this device has an unusual design, the presence of a 200-megapixel camera. The device is very interesting and at the same time all Google services are available out of the box. It is possible that such a device will suit you better.

Other manufacturers also offer many models in this segment, but they lack the main feature – a memorable design. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to Huawei; it is extremely unusual in its appearance.The speed processor of the phone is amazing and it allows you to browse on your favorite apps and websites easily. Let’s imagine that you want to access the best bitcoin casinos Australia for a fun moment. Sometimes, some of these kinds of platforms are slow to enter with a phone. With the Huawei device, you’ll have access to the games and to the articles of the author on the blog in the blink of an eye.

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