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Discover the Future of Lighting with Yeelight's Innovative Cube Smart Lamp


The smart home market continues to grow, introducing us to innovative devices that redefine our living spaces. One such intriguing addition to this landscape is the Yeelight Cube. Today, we dive into this newcomer, or rather, newcomers, collectively known as the Yeelight Cubes. It’s worth noting that their concept bears some resemblance to IKEA FREKVENS, an “ordinary” modular light system designed by Teenage Engineering.

Unboxing and First Impressions

Yeelight Cubes consist of three freely combinable types of cubes: Matrix, Panel, and Spotlight.

Upon unboxing, the first impression is undeniably positive. The matte black finish of the cube’s housing feels pleasant to the touch. The material and weight of all components suggest high-quality manufacturing.


The Cubes which resemble small square-shaped lanterns can be assembled into various arrangements to create something of a light orchestra. They attach through round contact connectors allowing for vertical rotation-in other words, each individual Cube can swivel forward and backward. To power each set of Cubes, a slim base, which also serves as the power block, is required. Each base can manage up to six Cubes. For the connectors on Cubes without bases, protective caps are provided. The base itself features a power button which is also used to cycle through the available lighting modes.

To set up the Cubes, you’ll need a mobile device running iOS or Android and the Yeelight app. The app will lead you intuitively thorough the setup process and allow you to initialize your Cubes by scanning the base’s QR pairing code.
Once the setup has been completed, you will be able to integrate the Cubes with the smart home solutions of your choice i.e., Matter, Apple Home, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa

Adding new Cubes is also a remarkably straightforward process. They promptly synchronize and seamlessly extend the ongoing light pattern.
Both the app and the Cubes themselves seem well optimized, so you can expect a smooth experience with no hiccups and no frustrating synchronization delays.

It’s worth noting that full individual control of each Cube is only possible within the Yeelight app, as Apple Home treats each Cube composition as a single light identified by its base, allowing only global adjustments to the entire set.

Features and Functionality

The Yeelight Cubes offer a diverse range of capabilities: They can display arbitrary color patterns on Matrix screens, create rainbow color gradients on Panels, and cast diffuse light on walls with the freely directable Spotlight.

As a compelling alternative to products from Nanoleaf and Philips Hue, Yeelight Cubes are also an excellent and cost-effective option for gamers and streamers alike. More on that later.

App Control

As mentioned earlier, Yeelight provides a powerful mobile app.
It features a visual arrangement interface and individual control of each Cube. The Matrix Cube stands out with its broad functionality, allowing countless animated patterns, information displays (e.g., time), and real-time drawing.

In addition to the mobile app, Yeelight has created a Windows PC application that goes beyond mere lighting control. Yeelight’s software can sync your Cubes’ colors with your screen during gaming or video playback, creating an immersive experience akin to Philips Ambilight.

Voice Assistant Integration

The Yeelight Cubes integrate seamlessly with voice assistants such as Apple Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa, enhancing the convenience of controlling your smart lighting.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Each Cube consumes a modest 2 to 2.5 watts and boasts a long lifespan of 60,000 hours, contributing to an energy-efficient and sustainable lifestyle.

Price and Value for Money

The Yeelight Cubes offer an impressive array of features and customization options, making them a good value option, especially for those looking to add color to their home and workspace.
Their affordability, combined with their gaming and streaming potential, will be hard to match.

Pros and Cons


  • Versatile lighting options with Matrix, Panel, and Spotlight Cubes.
  • Seamless integration with major smart home ecosystems.
  • Impressive mobile app functionality, especially with the Matrix Cube.
  • Energy-efficient and durable.


  • Limited control of individual Cubes in some third-party smart home platforms.


The Yeelight Cubes are a noteworthy addition to the smart lighting market. Their modular design, extensive features, and integration with popular smart home ecosystems make them a compelling choice for those seeking dynamic and customizable lighting solutions.
Their affordability and gaming/streaming potential make them a great alternative to established smart lighting brands. While they offer an impressive level of control within the Yeelight app, you might face some limitations when using other smart home platforms to control your Cubes.
Nevertheless, the overall versatility and performance of the Yeelight Cubes make them a solid choice for modernizing your home lighting setup.

Final Thoughts

The Yeelight Cubes bring a touch of creativity to your smart home lighting. Their combination of artistry and functionality opens up exciting possibilities for lighting design. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, a gamer, or a streamer looking to enhance your living space’s ambiance, the Yeelight Cubes are a fantastic and affordable option worth considering.

For those interested, the Yeelight Cubes are available on Yeelight’s official website at Yeelight Smart Cube Kit – Desktop Smart Light Group. Prices start at USD 45.99 for a single Cube, USD 30 for the Base, and USD 163.40 for a full starter kit, making them not only versatile but also budget friendly. Don’t miss the chance to illuminate your home with these innovative and stylish smart lights.


We would like to express our gratitude to Yeelight for providing the Yeelight Cube Standard Kit for this extensive review.

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