EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra – the World’s First Smart Hybrid Whole-House Battery Generator

EcoFlow, a leading portable power and eco-friendly energy solutions company, launched DELTA Pro Ultra today at CES 2024, the world’s most powerful smart hybrid whole-house battery generator and backup system. This innovative product has been recognized as a 2024 CES Innovation Awards Honoree for its exceptional design and groundbreaking technology.

The EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra is an innovative home power backup solution for continuous daily use and long-term power outage scenarios. This system stands unparalleled with a single-unit capacity of 6kWh, a powerful output of 7200W, and a solar input of 5.6kW, making it capable of powering an entire household. Its unique stackable feature allows for easy expansion of both storage and output. Moreover, its versatile in its compatibility with various energy sources, including solar and gas, thus fulfilling a broad spectrum of power requirements.

In addition, EcoFlow is set to launch the Smart Home Panel 2, a user-friendly interface that seamlessly integrates the Delta Pro Ultra into any home setup for a swift transition from grid to backup power with automatic switch-over. This intelligent system also optimises energy consumption to reduce costs and extend backup duration through smart analysis and effective solar utilisation.

Working Across Multiple Energy Sources to Meet the Demands of Your Entire Household

The EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra is an adaptable power solution that caters to many consumer requirements. Its purpose can range from everyday usage to serving as a backup for unforeseen circumstances. The DELTA Pro Ultra has an unmatched energy storage capacity, ranging between 6kWh and 90kWh – adequate to power an entire house for two days to a month.

With a power output of 7200W, a solitary unit can power all household appliances, including heavy-duty ones such as HVAC systems. When paired with EcoFlow’s latest Smart Home Panel 2, the system’s output can be boosted to an impressive 21.6kW, sufficient for even the most power-intensive homes.

The charging of the DELTA Pro Ultra is versatile, with options including conventional AC power, solar energy, and gas generators, ensuring prolonged backup duration. This diversity in charging methods positions it as a robust energy solution that reassures users. For solar energy enthusiasts, the DELTA Pro Ultra flawlessly integrates with existing rooftop solar setups and portable solar panels, accommodating solar input from 5.6kW to a staggering 16.8kW.

An Intelligent and Integrated Home Energy Future

EcoFlow, a frontrunner in the industry, is making strides in incorporating commercial-grade and electric vehicle technologies into residential energy solutions for the first time. By utilising the strength of four core technology platforms—Energy Charging and Discharging, Energy Expansion Technology, Smart Energy Management System Platform, and Safety Technology Platform—EcoFlow is devoted to enhancing the energy experience for its clients through unique, internal innovation.

As we move forward, these technologies are expected to merge to provide a fully integrated, cloud-based energy experience. Using user-friendly web and mobile app interfaces, users can seamlessly manage power generation, distribution, storage, and appliances across EcoFlow and third-party devices.

Availability of the DELTA Pro Ultra

DELTA Pro Ultra will be available starting Jan. 9 on the EcoFlow website and Users can purchase DELTA Pro Ultra (inverter and battery) for $5,799. The Smart Home Panel 2 is available for $1,599 or as a bundled package with DELTA Pro Ultra for $7199 until February 9. Post that period, the prices are $1899 for Smart Home Panel 2 and $7499 for the DELTA Pro Ultra bundle.

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