Review: Elevate Your Ambiance with COLO PLAY Ultimate Fusion Kit – A Cololight Masterpiece.

Discovering the Magic of COLO PLAY!

Have you ever wished to transform your living space into a mesmerizing symphony of lights, responding to your music or enhancing your gaming experience? The COLO PLAY Ultimate Fusion Kit promises to do just that and more. In this review, we’ll see all the features that make this kit stand out, exploring its capabilities, compatibility, and the immersive lighting experience it offers.

Syncing Sound and Lights

At the heart of the COLO PLAY Ultimate Fusion Kit is the innovative integration of a built-in microphone for sound-responsive lighting. Imagine your room pulsating with vibrant colors, synchronized to the beats of your favorite music. This feature not only adds a dynamic dimension to your space but also creates a personalized ambiance for different moods and occasions.

Furthermore, the PC switch function takes your Cololight experience to a whole new level. Seamlessly synchronize your lights with your computer’s startup, setting the stage for an immersive work or gaming environment. The COLO PLAY becomes a bridge between your digital experience and your physical space, elevating both in tandem.

The Cyberpunk Realm with COLO PLAY

Let’s discuss the power behind the hexagon lighting, the Cololight Controller. Step into the futuristic world of gaming with COLO PLAY, a cyberpunk-themed desk accessory designed to be more than just a lighting solution. At the heart of COLO PLAY is its programmable keypad, featuring a knob and four custom-programmable mech-style keys. Say goodbye to clunky controls as COLO PLAY empowers users with precision and customization, enhancing both gameplay and comfort.

The programmable keypad is a versatile tool, allowing users to control not only Cololight devices, but also their entire computer with a single click. No more bending over to start your PC – COLO PLAY simplifies the process with a convenient one-click startup feature, seamlessly integrating technology into your gaming setup.

But COLO PLAY doesn’t stop there. The built-in microphone adds a dynamic element to your gaming space, allowing you to dance with music as the lights respond to the beats. It’s not just about gaming; it’s about creating an immersive environment that responds to your every move.

CPU monitoring is another standout feature, ensuring that your computer stays cool even during intense gaming sessions. Keep track of your gaming influence with the followers counter, a unique addition for those who thrive in the world of online gaming and streaming.

Need a break from gaming intensity? COLO PLAY has you covered with built-in retro games. Relax and unwind with a nostalgic trip down gaming memory lane.

With COLO PLAY’s Colo Inspire feature, starting your computer is not just a task; it’s a statement. A simple long press initiates your computer startup, triggering special lighting effects on any connected Cololight device. It’s a symphony of lights and technology, bringing the cyberpunk theme to life in your gaming haven.

The Range of COLO PLAY Kits to Illuminate Every Space

Included in the COLO PLAY Ultimate Fusion Kit is the ability to select the range of pieces needed. The Pro 10 piece light kit is a comprehensive choice for those seeking an extensive lighting setup, perfect for larger spaces or intricate designs. For users desiring a balance between versatility and a robust lighting experience, the PLUS version, equipped with 7 pieces, provides a dynamic range of possibilities. The 9 piece kit strikes a harmonious balance, offering flexibility in configuration while maintaining a captivating visual impact. If you’re looking for a more compact yet vibrant option, the 6 piece kit is a fantastic choice, providing a taste of the COLO PLAY experience in a smaller package. Each kit comes with its own unique price point, ensuring that there’s a perfect COLO PLAY solution for every user, regardless of their space or lighting aspirations.

With 16 million colors at your disposal, you can transform your space into a kaleidoscope of hues. Linking these hexagon lights to Apple Homekit and the COLO PLAY adds another layer of convenience, allowing for effortless control and integration with your smart home ecosystem.

Shedding Light on the Details


  • Immersive Sound-Responsive Lighting: The built-in microphone adds a dynamic element to your space, responding to the sounds around you.
  • Easily Synchronize your lights with your computer: Create a seamless transition between your digital and physical environments.
  • Versatility Tailored to Your Space: COLO PLAY’s diverse kits give lightadaptability to different spaces.


  • Learning Curve: Some users may find it takes a bit of time to explore and fully utilize all the features, especially with the keyboard integration.
  • Price: While the COLO PLAY Ultimate Fusion Kit offers a comprehensive lighting experience, it comes at a higher price point compared to basic lighting solutions.

Finally: A Symphony of Lights at Your Fingertips

In conclusion, the COLO PLAY Ultimate Fusion Kit is a true masterpiece for light enthusiasts and tech aficionados. Its innovative features, including sound-responsive lighting and PC switch function, set it apart in the world of smart lighting. The COLO PLAY Ultimate Fusion Kit is available at an incredible value, considering the immersive lighting experience it provides. For those seeking to elevate their ambiance and customize their illuminating adventure, the COLO PLAY Ultimate Fusion Kit is a worthwhile investment. You can find this captivating kit on the official Cololight website and selected retail partners. Transform your space into a symphony of lights with the COLO PLAY Ultimate Fusion Kit – where innovation meets illumination.

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