MSI Breakthrough: Unparalleled AI Performance at CES 2024!

Transformative Gaming Handheld with CoreTM Ultra and Intel® Core™ Ultra Laptops

MSI has introduced the Claw, the world’s first gaming handheld powered by Intel® Core™ Ultra Processor. This device features ARC™ graphics with up to 8 Xe cores and advanced XeSS technology, ensuring smooth gameplay. Its robust HyperFlow cooling system, 53Wh battery, and Thunderbolt 4 connectivity make it an exceptional handheld gaming device.

“In our commitment to enhancing the gaming experience for our users, we aim to address market pain points and dedicate efforts to the handheld space,” said Eric Kuo, the Executive Vice President& NB BU GM of MSI. “We have fine-tuned specific designs tailored exclusively for gamers, debuting our very first handheld, Claw, which redefines the standards in the handheld market.”

“We’re proud to partner with MSI to deliver unparalleled experiences for users around the globe. The new MSI Claw is an exciting new gaming handheld powered by an Intel Core Ultra processor that provides an unparalleled gaming experience to be enjoyed anywhere, anytime.” – Michelle Johnston Holthaus, Executive Vice President and GM, Client Computing Group, Intel

Intel® Core™ Ultra with ARC™: Revolutionizing Integrated Graphics

The Core™ Ultra delivers twice the graphical performance of its predecessors. The ARC™ offers smooth gameplay at 1080p resolution and medium settings and supports advanced video codecs.

The Claw is filled with technology that delivers smooth, immersive gameplay. It features dual fans and heat pipes for efficient heat dissipation. The Claw provides a 2-hour battery life under a full workload. Its UI offers easy access to keyfeatures and settings. It supports both Windows and Android mobile games. The Claw is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the hand and features a 7-inch Full HD touchscreen display.

Punching above their weight

The latest laptop lineup features Intel® Core™ Ultra processors and the largest vapor chamber thermal modules. The 18″ laptops also feature Intel® 14th Gen HX-series processors and RTX 40 series graphics, providing immersive gameplay and smooth creation. They also feature the exclusive Intel® Application Optimizer for thread optimization. The entire range aims to be the most powerful on the planet. 

“We are excited to delve into AI, especially with how prevalent it is today,” said Eric Kuo, the Executive Vice President & NB BU GM of MSI. “MSI strives to stay ahead of the curve, and with our new AI-powered laptops, we are further establishing ourselves as a brand heeding our customers’ needs.”

“We’re proud to partner with MSI to deliver unparalleled experiences for users around the globe. And, the MSI Titan 18 HX, powered by our new Intel Core 14th gen HX processor, offers some of the most immersive mobile gameplay experiences possible. With the launch of these new processors we are providing gamers, creators and professionals the compute performance they need and expect from Intel and MSI.” – Michelle Johnston Holthaus, Executive Vice President and GM, Client Computing Group, Intel

Intel® Core™Ultra: Built for Sustained AI Workloads

Designed for AI workloads, the laptops feature a dedicated Neural Processing Unit (NPU) and a new Intel 4 process node. The Core™ Ultra’s Low Power Efficient cores ensure minimal power usage. The ARC™ graphics offer over double graphical performance per watt, supporting office applications, streaming, content creation and gaming.

NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ GPU: For Performance-demanding AI

MSI Laptops feature NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ architecture equipped with AI-powered DLSS 3 and full ray tracing capabilities. These GPUs offer leading performance and transformative capabilities for AI in gaming, creating, and everyday productivity.

MSI AI Software Suite: AI Engine, AI Artist, & AI Noise Cancellation Pro

MSI is embracing AI-ready hardware and launching exclusive AI-driven software, the AI Engine, which automatically optimizes laptop settings, enhancing user experience.

The AI Artist is an offline text-to-image service that enhances productivity by eliminating network latency and data leakage risks. They also feature the exclusive Intel® Application Optimizer for thread optimization.

Features extend to image-to-image, image-to-text, and PSD file export. The AI Noise Cancellation Pro, a combination of advanced microphone hardware and AI-powered noise cancellation software, provides studio-quality voice for remote meetings and professional recording.

New 18-inch Gaming Laptops Family: Titan 18 HX/ Raider 18 HX / Stealth 18 AI Studio

The Stealth 18 AI Studio is Equipped with Intel 14th gen Core™ i9 processors and NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 40 Series graphics. The Titan 18 HX has the largest vapor chamber cooler thermal solution in the market and supports MSI OverBoost Ultra, further improving efficiency.

The Titan 18 HX, Raider 18 HX, and Stealth 18 AI Studio are new models in the gaming laptop lineup. The Titan 18 HX features a Seamless RGB Haptic Touchpad and Cherry Switch Mechanical Keyboard, expansion memory slots and up to 12TB of storage. The Raider 18 HX has a light bar and 3D stand for improved performance. The Titan 18 HX and Stealth 18 AI Studio are built with magnesium-aluminum alloy for durability and a sleek aesthetic, making them the lightest 18-inch gaming laptops available.

Full Power Gaming Laptop: Vector HX/ Crosshair HX/ Pulse AI

The newly released laptops also include the Vector 16/17 HX, Crosshair 16/17 HX, and Pulse 16/17 AI, with full GPU power, including MSI’s Overboost technology for 250W gaming capabilities. Crosshair HX and Pulse AI series laptops feature ventilation ports, enhancing airflow for optimal performance.

These AI-powered models showcase their commitment to cutting-edge design with a keyboard backlight, futuristic spacecraft pattern, and groundbreaking electromagnetic pulse pattern. These models highlight the future of laptop design, where style and innovation harmonize with synergy.

For Mainstream Gamers: Sword HX/ Cyborg/ Thin 15

The new gaming laptops include the Sword 16/17 HX, Cyborg 15 AI, Thin 15, and Cyborg 14, all designed for mainstream users. The Sword 16/17 HX offers an immersive gaming experience with a backlit keyboard, while the Cyborg 15 AI features a futuristic translucent chassis and a backlit keyboard. The Thin 15 is a sleek, portable option.

Thin and Powerful Productivity: Prestige 16 AI/ Prestige 14 AI/ Prestige 13 AI

The Prestige AI series, powered by Intel Core™ Ultra processors, features the ultralight Prestige 16 AI, weighing 1.5kg, with a 99.9WHr battery for 19 hours, and the thin Prestige 14 AI, with the largest battery in the 14-inch class for long-lasting productivity.

The Prestige 16 AI and Prestige 14 AI series, certified by Intel Evo and Nvidia Studio, offer high performance and a lighter weight. The Prestige 13 AI Evo, weighing 990g, has a 75WHrs battery, 50% larger than similar laptops. Both models feature 16:10 OLED displays with 100% DCI-P3 Color gamut coverage.

Made for Content Creators: Content Creation Series

There are four new Content Creation laptops. The Creator Z17 HX Studio is the most powerful laptop. The Creator 16 AI Studio has a 16:10 OLED display, enhancing visual experience and ensuring creators can bring their visions to life with accuracy. The Creator 16 is a portable powerhouse, ideal for creative professionals. The Creator M14 and Creator M16 HX expand the range to cater for diverse preferences and requirements.

MSI continues to expand its laptop portfolio, focusing on performance and aesthetics. Its new AI laptops, featuring exclusive features, represent a significant step forward in the AI era of computing.

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