Review: Chipolo and Chipolo One Spot: The Power of Smart Tracking

Unlike a certain fruit, Chipolo provides a comprehensive smart tracking solution that goes beyond expectations while adding a pop of colour – free of charge.

The year 2013 marked a turning point in the perpetual struggle of misplaced keys, as Chipolo made its debut with a resolute promise: “find your everything.” We’ve all experienced the frustration of searching for keys or racking our brains to recollect where we left that passport from last year’s holiday. This is where Chipolo steps in – a smart tracking solution designed to alleviate these common headaches.

Ten years on, Chipolo Continues To Take the Stage to Help You Find… Everything

I’ll be talking about two of Chipolo’s most popular accessories: the Chipolo ONE and Chipolo ONE Spot. Two devices that have left an indelible mark on my approach to managing personal belongings – especially as someone who often finds themselves in a hunt for their essentials. These trackers rise to the challenge of addressing my own perpetual dilemma of locating misplaced items. If you’re actively seeking a pragmatic remedy to this all-too-familiar scenario, Chipolo might be the colourful addition you need on your next set of keys.

Chipolo ONE: Where Tracking Meets a Rainbow

Starting with the Chipolo ONE – which is only accessible through Chipolo’s app – its hallmark is a sleek and compact design that seamlessly attaches to various items without compromising on convenience. The tracker’s slim profile harmoniously merges with your belongings, ensuring that it remains unobtrusive and discreet. For those who, like me, gravitate toward vibrant choices, the Chipolo ONE’s array of colours offers an appealing range. Unlike certain other trackers that require additional accessories for a dash of colour, the Chipolo ONE caters to individual preferences with hues ranging from firetruck red to invigorating bright green to sunshine yellow. On the other hand, the Chipolo ONE Spot embraces a more understated elegance with its white and black variants.

Double Trouble – The Dynamic Duo of Chipolo

One of the fundamental aspects of any smart tracker is its tracking range. Both Chipolo devices offer a respectable range of around 60 metres. While specific range capabilities may vary depending on environmental factors, the Chipolos generally provide a solid performance, keeping you notified when you’re getting too far from your tracked item on either Find my IPhone or the Chipolo app – depending on the Chipolo of your choice. Efficient battery life is crucial in ensuring a seamless tracking experience. The smart trackers impress with a battery that can last for an extended period. While battery life depends on usage and settings, Chipolo’s energy management seems well-optimised, providing peace of mind that it won’t drain quickly and leave you stranded without tracking capabilities.

Chipolo ONE Spot: The Smart Tracker that Finds Its Spot in Apple’s Realm

Directing our attention specifically to the Chipolo ONE Spot, we’re met with a device that exemplifies seamless integration and elevated functionality. Designed to sync with Apple’s Find My app, this smart tracker forges a connection with the Find My network. A notable highlight lies in the comprehensive suite of capabilities it unlocks through the Find My app: real-time mapping, audible alerts for items in close proximity, the ability to activate Lost Mode, and receiving notifications upon successful recovery. Although all of these features exist with Apple’s airtag, Chipolo doesn’t require any extra accessory just to simply hang it on your keys – what else did Apple think we would be using it for? – making it a much cheaper option.  Earning recognition as a compelling alternative to Apple’s offerings, as highlighted by the Independent’s IndyBest, the Chipolo ONE Spot solidifies its position as a standout contender within the competitive realm of smart trackers.

Practicality Meets Intuition: The Chipolo ONE Experience

Focusing on the Chipolo ONE, what truly impressed me was its functionality. The device’s ability to seamlessly attach to items without adding bulk – or the extra price tag – is a practical advantage. But beyond that, it’s the smart tracking capabilities, via its app, make it shine. The app’s intuitive interface serves as a hub, providing easy access to key functionalities while navigating the user through a seamless journey. A standout feature within the app is the “Community Find” option, tapping into the expansive Chipolo user network to collaborate in locating items even when Bluetooth connection isn’t available. Beyond this, the app allows you to share the location of your Chipolos with family and friends, promoting practicality through shared tracking capabilities. The app also caters to those who prefer voice control, through its compatibility with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri. This integration into widely used voice assistants extends the convenience of Chipolo to the realm of hands-free operation, making it accessible to those who require voice assistance.

Chipolo’s Final Impact

Chipolo has been a pioneer in smart tracking for a decade, and its commitment to helping us “find our everything” is unwavering. From the vibrant Chipolo ONE to the understated efficiency of the Chipolo ONE Spot, these trackers offer convenience with the resolute promise that you will never lose your keys again. So, if you’re tired of the perpetual hunt for misplaced items, consider Chipolo as the colourful addition your lost items have been waiting for, marking a decade of tracking triumphs.

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