Review: Goblin Stone – A Refreshing Twist on Classic RPG Adventures

Goblin Stone is a tactical-survival game that offers a unique twist on the traditional fantasy genre by letting goblins be the heroes of their own story. Developed by Orc Chop Games, it aims to shift the perspective from the typical human-centric narrative to one where goblins, often portrayed as the underdogs, get to be the protagonists. The game features a tutorial where players initially control a trio of human heroes to learn the basics of movement, attacks, and timing. However, once players take control of the goblin band, the game’s distinct mechanics come into play, highlighting the goblins’ weaker and smaller stature, which affects their stats and survivability in combat.



In Goblin Stone, players navigate a whimsical yet challenging fantasy world from the perspective of goblins, traditionally depicted as villains in fantasy lore. The gameplay offers a fresh take by allowing these goblins to be the heroes of their own story. Players control a band of goblins, each belonging to unique classes with distinct abilities. Among these classes are Warlocks, known for their magical prowess; Hunters, adept at tracking and ambushing; and Guards, whose sturdiness makes them the frontline protectors of the group. This variety ensures strategic depth, requiring players to thoughtfully combine their goblins’ strengths to overcome obstacles and enemies.

The game’s challenge is heightened by the intrinsic vulnerabilities of goblins — they are weaker and smaller than typical fantasy heroes, which makes survival a constant struggle. However, Goblin Stone introduces innovative systems to mitigate these challenges and deepen the gameplay. One such system is the lair upgrades, which serve as a base of operations where players can improve their goblin band’s overall capabilities. Additionally, a goblin breeding mechanism allows for the development of new goblins, potentially with better attributes or unique skills, by leveraging the traits of existing members.

A particularly novel feature is the use of the Souls of deceased goblins. These can be harnessed to further upgrade the lair, implying a cycle of rebirth and improvement that keeps the player engaged in developing their band even as they face setbacks. While these systems promise to add significant depth to the game, it’s noted that some of these features were not fully implemented in the demo version, leaving players eager to see how these mechanics will unfold in the final game.

Through its unique perspective, class variety, and innovative mechanics, “Goblin Stone” invites players into a challenging yet rewarding experience, redefining the roles of traditionally misunderstood characters within the fantasy genre. The anticipation for the full release is high, as these systems suggest a rich, strategic layer to the gameplay, offering potentially endless ways for players to evolve their goblin bands and overcome the odds stacked against them.


Aesthetically, Goblin Stone impresses with its storybook-like visuals and engaging narration, creating an immersive fantasy adventure. However, the game has been noted to have a steep learning curve, particularly in managing the goblins’ vulnerabilities and navigating certain menus and upgrade systems.

For those who relish diving into the depths of fantasy worlds with a refreshing twist, Goblin Stone stands out as a beacon of innovation and challenge. This game is not just another entry in the crowded rogue-lite genre; it distinguishes itself through a narrative that flips traditional fantasy tropes on their head, giving players the rare opportunity to lead a band of goblins on a quest not just for survival, but also for glory. With its strategic gameplay that requires mastering a diverse array of goblin classes—each with their unique abilities and weaknesses—the game promises a deeply engaging experience that goes beyond mere combat to include lair management, goblin breeding, and a unique system for utilizing the souls of fallen comrades to strengthen the survivors.

The game’s focus on strategy, coupled with the innovative use of goblin classes, lair upgrades, and a breeding system, ensures a level of depth and replayability that will appeal to both seasoned gamers and those new to the genre. As players navigate the perils and opportunities of this goblin-centric adventure, they will discover a game that is not only about fighting and survival but also about growth, strategy, and the overturning of conventional narratives.


In essence, Goblin Stone is poised to be a must-play title for anyone seeking a game that combines challenging tactical gameplay with a rich, unconventional story. Its unique approach to character progression, team management, and narrative engagement offers a fresh perspective on what it means to be a hero in a fantasy world. It stands as a testament to the creative possibilities of the genre, inviting players to embark on a journey that is as rewarding as it is challenging.

Game is available for $24.99 on platforms: PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X and Series S, macOS, Mac operating systems, Microsoft Windows (

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