Review: Belkin BoostCharge Dual Car Charger 42W – Dual Charging Powerhouse

0 to 50% charge in Minutes!

In today’s fast-paced world, our smartphones are our essential companions, keeping us connected, entertained and informed whenever the need arises. However, we have all experienced the terror of seeing the power indicator bars on our devices dwindle on long road trips. The Belkin BoostCharge Dual Car Charger 42W (yes, it is a mouthful but I have to use it for optimum SEO results!) aims to solve this problem, offering a convenient and powerful charging solution for your vehicle. This handy bit of kit is redefining what it means to go on a Road Trip or a short break with family and friends.

Range Anxiety is not a modern-day concern that is akin to electric vehicle (EV) drivers alone. We all suffer from it to a certain extent.

Dual Charging Powerhouse

The Belkin BoostCharge Dual Car Charger 42W lives up to its name by providing two USB ports: a USB-C port with Power Delivery 3.0 (PD 3.0) and a USB-A port with Quick Charge 3.0 (QC 3.0) technology. This combination allows you to simultaneously fast-charge two devices, regardless of whether you have an iPhone, Android phone, tablet, or other compatible USB devices. The PD 3.0 port boasts a maximum output of 42W, ensuring rapid charging for devices that support this protocol. The QC 3.0 port offers a slightly lower output (up to 18W) which is still significantly faster than standard car chargers.

Speed Matters: Blazing-Fast Charging

Let’s face it, waiting for phones to charge can induce a lot of anxiety, especially when you’re on a trip, away from home. The Belkin BoostCharge Dual Car Charger excels in this area. The 42W PD 3.0 port can deliver enough power to charge many compatible phones from 0 to 50% in a matter of minutes. This is a significant improvement over traditional car chargers and can be a lifesaver during long journeys or when you need a quick top-up before reaching your destination.

Double Duty: Charging Both USB-C and USB-A Devices

One of the key strengths of this charger is its versatility. The presence of both USB-C and USB-A ports caters to a wide range of devices. Optimized for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and other compatible devices, this charger has you covered. This eliminates the need for multiple car chargers or adapters, keeping your car clutter-free and your devices charged.

Safety and Design Considerations

Safety is paramount when it comes to car chargers. Belkin prioritizes this aspect by incorporating built-in safeguards against overheating, overcurrent, and overvoltage. This ensures the safety of your devices and your car’s electrical system.

The design of the Belkin BoostCharge Dual Car Charger is functional and compact. It fits snugly into the 12-volt socket or car cigarette lighter ports and doesn’t protrude excessively, minimizing any potential obstruction in your car’s interior. Do remember to follow your vehicle manufacturer’s guidelines on using the 12-volt socket.

Is it Worth the Hype?

The Belkin BoostCharge Dual Car Charger 42W is a compelling option for drivers who value fast and convenient charging on the go. Its ability to simultaneously charge two devices at high speeds makes it ideal for families or individuals with multiple devices that need frequent charging. The combination of PD 3.0 and QC 3.0 compatibility ensures compatibility with a variety of devices, while the built-in safety features along with a 2-year warranty provide extra peace of mind.

What I really think…

Overall, I have found the Belkin BoostCharge Dual Car Charger 42W to be virtually flawless in the time that I’ve had it. I intend to permanently keep this charger in the car ready for every jaunt and escapade this summer.

This premium car charger delivers on its promise of fast and reliable charging. Its dual ports, high output, and safety features make it a worthy investment for those who demand that their devices are never out of “juice”. If I had to identify a flaw then I would only say that such a diminutive form factor (it’s about the size of my thumb!) doesn’t require a proportionately large packaging box. I presume the copy on the box has to meet regulations so a smaller box wouldn’t be practical for the amount of copy that needs to be on show. So, there you have it… This car charger is a must-have for any long journey, business or pleasure.

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