Review: Belkin Soundform Bolt Wireless Earbuds – Totaly Fleeky not Flaky

Comfort and sound that won't let you down

We humans connect with our surroundings through our senses. Listening to the right sounds, vibrations, tones, rhythms and melodies can evoke a kaleidoscope of emotions and memories within us. The way we immerse ourselves in audio nirvana is an important consideration that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

These days, there are a huge variety of earbuds to choose from. However, today it is my pleasure to introduce you to The Belkin Soundform Bolt wireless earbuds. One of the new models in Belkin’s more affordable range.

The Belkin Soundform Bolt wireless earbuds offer a convenient and stylish option for music lovers on the go. I’m always wary about sticking things in my ears. To get the most out of earbuds though, I feel I have to push them right inside my ear canal to secure them in place. Having worn spectacles for most of my life, I have preferred the hooked, over-ear style earbuds… until now!

Design and Comfort

The Belkin Soundform Bolts boast a sleek and compact design. The earbuds themselves are lightweight and surprisingly comfortable to wear for extended periods, thanks to the included size variations of silicone ear tips. They come in a stylish charging case that fits easily into a pocket or bag without creating an embarrassing bulge! I feel the case itself is as functionally big as need be. It’s still a bit larger than other options on the market but it offers good portability.

As with many earbuds, the outer surface of each earbud offers touch-sensitive control. This allows the user to carry out numerous functions including pick up/end/reject phone calls (each earbud has a built-in microphone). Overall, the design is clean and functional. The fact that they don’t have a stem that drops from the ear as with other earbuds, makes them less conspicuous which is a boon in my opinion.

Sound Quality

The Belkin Soundform Bolts deliver satisfactory sound quality for the price. I didn’t have great expectations and was duly rewarded with clear highs and mid ranges. I found the bass to be slightly lacking and barely noticeable though. Having said that, I have yet to be blown away by any earbuds with 6mm dynamic drivers. If you mainly use earbuds for listening to audiobooks, you won’t be disappointed. However, audiophiles seeking the most precise and detailed sound might find them a little below par. I’m listening to some music on these earbuds now as I type this and can notice that there is more definition in the singer’s voice than in the music. This is a feature that some may like but it won’t appeal to all.

The earbuds do utilize a snug fit to create a passive noise isolation effect, which helps to block out some ambient noise. However, they don’t offer active noise cancellation (ANC), a feature that is becoming increasingly common in higher-end wireless earbuds.

Battery Life and Connectivity

The Belkin Soundform Bolt offers a decent battery life, with the earbuds themselves lasting for around 9 hours on a single charge. The charging case provides an additional 19 hours of battery life bringing the total battery life up to 28 hours. This will be sufficient for most users. The four white LED lights on the front of the case indicate how much battery charge is left as each light incrimentally switches off as the charge depletes.

Connectivity is handled via Bluetooth 5.2, which provides a stable and reliable connection. Pairing with your device is quick and easy, and the earbuds automatically reconnect when removed from the charging case. The included touch controls offer a convenient way to manage playback and calls without having to take out your phone. I was quite surprised, however, when after a period of inactivity, I placed the earbuds in my ears and was immediately welcomed with the dulcet tones of Lionel Richie resounding through my head, unintentionally of course!

Features and Call Quality

The Belkin Soundform Bolts lack some of the more advanced features found on higher-end earbuds. There’s no ANC as mentioned previously, and no transparency mode to allow you to hear ambient noise when needed. The earbuds also don’t support wireless charging for the case.

Call quality is decent, with the built-in microphones picking up your voice clearly. However, background noise can sometimes be an issue, especially in loud environments.

Overall Impression

The Belkin Soundform Bolts are a solid pair of wireless earbuds that offer good sound quality, a comfortable fit, and decent battery life. They are a great option for casual listeners who prioritize comfort and convenience over premium features like ANC. The lack of some features and a slightly bulkier design might hold them back from competing with the very top contenders, but they remain a viable option in a crowded market.

Here’s a quick recap of the pros and cons:


  • Comfortable and secure fit
  • Higher noise levels result in better sound quality
  • Decent battery life
  • Easy to use touch controls


  • No active noise cancellation
  • Lacks some advanced features found on higher-end models
  • Unable to tweak the EQ settings

Final Verdict:

The Belkin Soundform Bolt wireless earbuds are a dependable choice for users who prioritize comfort, sound quality, and ease of use. While they might not boast all the bells and whistles of some high-end options, they deliver a solid performance at a reasonable price point.

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