Review: Pitaka MagEZ Car Mount Pro 2 – Raising the Game in Mobile Communication

Wireless NFC Car mount with clout

I don’t know about you but when I’m driving somewhere unfamiliar, I like to keep my trusted phone with me as I rely on my Maps app to guide me.

This, however, means that my phone is always sliding about in the passenger car seat next to me, and heaven forbid I drive over a pothole or speed bump and my phone is lost in the abyss (better known as the gap between the passenger seat and the door!) To prevent this from happening, I reluctantly succumb to placing the phone in my lap or between my legs. This induces further anxiety in me, as I become aware of the impact my phone is having on my physiology – namely my erm… “crown jewels”. Now, I don’t know what the science is behind this but I’ve heard mobile phones emit radiation. So naturally, I’m scared of keeping my phone between my legs when driving lest it negates my chances of ever fathering children!

This is where the Pitaka MagEZ Car Mount Pro 2 comes to the rescue. Let’s get one thing clear though – I’m not endorsing its ability to assist with the human reproductive process but as far as wireless phone charging car mounts go, it does the job really well.

If you happen to own a compatible mobile phone with an Apple MagSafe case or a third-party MagSafe case, this is a must-have for your car. The Car Mount officially works with iPhone 12/13/14 or S22 using a MagEZ Case 2. Still, you may have success with other phone cases depending on the strength of the magnetic attraction of the composite material.

First Impressions

After freeing the product from the packaging (it’s a very snug fit!), I took the contents out. In the box, there was the magnetic part of the mount which the phone sits on, the vent attachment with a spherical ball connector onto which the mount clicks into place, a USB-C to USB-C cable and a couple of 3M, self-adhesive cable tidy clips. The product looks and feels sleek & sturdy and well-made in the hand. I’m sure it will be durable as it’s made of Aramid fibre and TPU. Aramid fibre is a synthetic fibre, a strand of which is thinner than a human hair but when woven, can be stronger than steel. It is soft to the touch and can be moulded to fit any shape. It is used in high-impact environments such as military, aerospace, performance automotive and bulletproof products. TPU additionally offers rubber-like properties and is extremely flexible, durable and smooth to the touch. Together, they form a product which is capable of withstanding a force of 1.2 kg so one needn’t drive erratically, trying to avoid bumps and dips in the road.

The Test and My “Rookie Error”

It dawned upon me that I would need a 12V USB-C adaptor to provide the power from the car battery to the wireless mount. There was no indication of this prerequisite on the box so I was a bit perplexed as to why this wasn’t included. Then I had a light bulb moment. Many new cars these days come with USB ports which would dismiss the need for such an adaptor. I was still feeling a bit let down as my car isn’t equipped with a USB port. I guess, during the R&D phase of this product, Pitaka may have assumed this car mount would be bought by owners of new cars with the newest phones thereby overlooking the section of the public (like me) who don’t.

This inevitably meant that I had to dangle a carrot in front of friends and associates who did fit the required demographic and ask them to test the car mount for me. However, I was still not out of the woods as their cars were equipped with USB-A sockets and the car mount was USB-C, so I had to search for a USB-A to USB-C adaptor. At this stage, I felt I had to think out-of-the-box. I rummaged around for a 12V car adaptor that I had previously reviewed which had both USB-A and C connectors, so I used that. WOOHOO!

The Force is Strong with this Car Mount

Breathing a sigh of relief, I was finally able to test the car mount. The magnetic force is strong with this mount even though I don’t have a MagSafe case. The phone did droop on one side at first but after adjusting the location of the contact surface of my phone, it was fine. I was also impressed with the wireless charging function. With up to 15W fast charging capacity, I’m sure compatible phone owners out there will be impressed with these stats.

The Standout Feature

Most car mounts are pretty “Meh”, one-trick ponies you could say. The Pitaka MagEZ Car Mount Pro 2 goes a step further. The Car Mount has NFC built in to the design. This means that you can program the mount with three pre-configured actions and activate them just by close detection of your phone. Imagine launching Apple Music, Maps or another app of your choice by tapping your phone on the NFC sensor located on the mount. The three NFC settings are indicated with different coloured lines; Orange, White and Blue. The settings are fairly simple to configure on iOS and Android and the good thing is that you only need to do this once and it will remember which apps to launch time after time.

Despite the obstacles I encountered during this review, the MagEZ Car Mount Pro 2 from Pitaka will surely find its place on the dashboard or vents of a great many vehicles. Available in a Tesla-compatible model, it has most car users covered when it comes to mobile charging and connectivity on the road.

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