Review: Infinix Note 40 Pro+ 5G Smartphone – All the phone you’ll ever need?

Infinix Note 40 Pro+ – To Infinity and Beyond!

The Infinix Note 40 Pro+ 5G (to give its full name) is one of the company’s newest models of smartphones that is crammed with the kind of tech that would make James Bond green with envy! Let’s check it out…

I’m in a bit of a quandary with this review. As a reviewer, I genuinely want to like the product I’m reviewing. As a designer, I’m truly excited by the entire process of designing and manufacturing a product, marketing it and promoting it and all the other stuff that’s involved in bringing a product to market. I’m in total awe of the creativity and wherewithal it takes for innovative thinking and engineering to successfully meld in harmony. So imagine my excitement when I learned that I would be reviewing this new phone!

Honestly speaking, Infinix isn’t a brand that I’ve come across before here in the UK, so I did a bit of homework on their brand and was quite impressed with what I discovered. Infinix is indeed a strong contender for any smartphone user who may want to forgo the lure of more established names in the marketplace.

What’s in the box?

It’s clear when you examine the contents of the box, that Infinix means business. As well as the phone, there is a MagSafe compatible case which includes a tough Gorilla Glass 5 protective screen for the phone display and a textured, plastic surface to cover the rear of the phone. The Gorilla glass is perfectly contoured to ensconce the sensuous, curved edges of the phone’s screen. Wet & dry cleaning cloths are also included although the instructions for cleaning and attaching the covers to the phone were illegible as the colour and size of the font made it impossible to read. Fortunately though, there are pictures that you can follow to help although eventually, I threw caution to the wind and used The Force (pardon the Star Wars reference!)

The box also contains a mains charger and USB lead. When I saw the charger, the sleuth in me realised the phone wasn’t for the UK market as the plug was not a UK three-pin type. There is also a compartment in the box in which I found a set of wired earphones which puzzled me as there is no 3mm jack on the phone to which you can plug them in. Upon closer inspection, I noticed the earphone cable had a Type C USB connector, NOT a 3mm jack.

Infinix also supply a 15W MagPad – a Magnetic Wireless Fast Charge Pad that will conveniently charge other devices as well as your phone. The almost postage stamp size User Manual that it comes with does have instructions which may require you to call upon the use of The Force once again to read!

Other than a sticker sheet with a few decals with which you can adorn your phone, there was nothing else in the box.

“But what about the phone?” I hear you say

I was happy to overlook the incompatible charging adaptor and stickers as I was most keen to check out this shiny, new phone that I was preparing to welcome into my life while secretly, mentally preparing to dump/ say goodbye to my beloved Samsung just like a teenage romance.

The Note 40 Pro+ is a well-made phone. It feels unlike the phones that I’ve had before. It’s corners are more angular than the rounded ones I’m used to. It’s a bit taller as well, yet it’s also marginally thinner, more svelt if you like. It has a good weight to it at 195g which subconsciously reassures the user of its potential capability. With the obligatory buttons on the right edge, one for switching it on/off and the other rocker switch that controls the volume, I was a bit confused with the choice of tiny holes on the top and bottom edge. These inconspicuous holes house the microphone, speakers and also an infrared pointer which allows the user to control infrared-compatible devices. I suspected one would be for releasing the SIM tray, but which one? It wasn’t easy to find in my dimly lit room so I prodded each hole with the SIM tray eject tool (which is also supplied in the box) but was having no joy. Just like some teenage romances, I was fervently prodding my tool in every hole hoping to eject the Sim tray. I was finally rewarded when it popped open and I placed the SIM into its place on the dual SIM tray and switched the phone on.

A rocky start to this relationship

I was dazzled by the picture quality of the phone as it went through its startup graphics. With world class, dual speakers from JBL, the sound is quite punchy too.

My initial fear about this phone not being for the UK market was confirmed as I went through the set-up process. The language could only be set to US English and sadly the UK was not an available option when prompted to select which country I was located in. The set-up process then took me through the Google integration part where I could link my Gmail account to the phone. I was expecting this as I had previously done this with other phones. The phone then asked me to link my Google Photos and this is where I became unstuck. I wanted to go back to the previous screen but couldn’t. Normally, I’d swipe up from the bottom of the screen to display the standard three-button navigation but this feature wasn’t there. I swiped from all edges of the screen hoping for some reaction but got nothing. I grew so frustrated at this so went to bed leaving the phone on. After some Googling the next day, I learned that the three-button navigation had to be turned on from the phone’s Settings (Tut!). Plug & Play? Plug & Pray more like! This phone was too smart for its own good I thought. I had to wait for the battery to deplete before starting the whole process again.

It dawned on me over the next few days that the geniuses at Infinix have not simply created an outstanding phone, but by super-imposing their own XOS version 14 software over Android 14, they are enabling advanced features that will either boggle or blow your mind.

More Features Than You Can Shake a Stick At

The Infinix Note 40 Pro+ 5G is equipped with more sensors than Ethan Hunt had in any of the Mission Impossible movies. G-Sensor; E-Compass; Gyroscope; Light Sensor; Proximity Sensor; Fingerprint Sensor; SAR Sensor; Infrared…

The optical fingerprint scanner as well as facial recognition provide additional security if you find the PIN number method insufficient. I found programming the fingerprint scanner to be more cumbersome than I’d have liked but it works well once configured.

Loaded with an AI wallpaper generator (we all need one of those!), the phone will generate a wallpaper for you to display on your phone with a simple prompt. AI also does a lot of heavy lifting when it comes to image optimisation. With Super Night Mode, you can take pics in very low-level lighting environments.

Click-worthy Cameras

The phone’s hardware comprises of a massive 108MP OIS Super-Zoom Camera at the rear and a 32MP at the front. One of the other stand-out features of this phone has to be the ‘Active Halo’ AI light feature which makes up the fourth circle of the camera module. This pioneering AI feature enhances how users interact with their phones, combining voice commands with AI-driven lighting effects, giving users a unique and interactive experience while using the device.

The Gamers Phone?

The phone’s display measures 6.78 inches with a screen-to-body ratio of 93.6%. This means that with curved edges, the screen sports a bare minimal bezel around the edges making it ideal for movie buffs and gamers alike. With an AMOLED 60/120Hz refresh rate, your eyes will notice the silky-smooth visuals too. Thanks to the combination of MediaTek DIMENSITY 7020 (Chipset), Octa-core (2×2.2 GHz Cortex-A78 & 6×2.0 GHz Cortex-A55) (CPU) and IMG BXM-8-256/Hyper Engine (GPU) you are able to adjust settings (in-game) to enjoy your favourite games for hours. With a whopping 256GB of storage space, you can download games, apps, take pics and shoot videos to your heart’s content. Additionally, packed with 12GB of RAM, you can switch between all of your apps without any undue strain or frustration.

And there’s more

To write a fully comprehensive review with my thoughts on every feature of this device will be a mammoth task requiring a Herculean effort. Believe me when I say that the customisation options are almost limitless. As a long-time Samsung user, it took me a while to warm up to this Infinix, especially after a rocky first impression. Is it the new love-of-my-life? Only time will tell. I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface of what this phone has to offer. Just like every new romance, I remain hopeful and optimistic.

To find out more and get your hands on the Infinix Note 40 Pro+ 5G, just visit their website.

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