Review: Soundcore Boom 2 Outdoor Speaker – Perfect Sound for Your Ears

Rugged meets Refinement – music for your ears

When exploring the vast realm of Bluetooth speakers, the multitude of options can be overwhelming. Striking the ideal balance between audio excellence, visual appeal, and rugged durability can seem like an insurmountable task, particularly in outdoor settings where these aspects are crucial. However, amidst this sea of choices, one standout option beckons for further exploration: The Soundcore Boom 2.

Soundcore, initially a division of Anker, responsible for all matters to do with sound, has made delivering quality sound their sole business for the past 10 years. They now introduce the Boom 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker . With heart-pounding bass, let’s find out if it can rock your world.

Let’s look at this from every angle. What’s paramount when selecting a good Bluetooth speaker? Sound quality? Functionality? Ease of use? Battery life? Durability? These are what I feel we all look for. So what gives the Soundcore Boom 2 the edge?

Perfectly Crafted

Just out of the box, it’s a good size – not too big. A built-in handle with a grooved design and comfortable grip so you can grab-and-go with ease. Sturdy buttons, well spaced so it’s easy to operate. A new rugged contemporary take on the boom boxes of the 80’s. However, with smooth curves, this speaker well crafted. A strong, moulded shell that is devoid of sharp edges gives the speaker a beautiful silhouette and tactile quality. Even the speaker mesh and LED lights are well integrated. Lights and buttons are made from a high-density rubbery/plastic material. The Boom 2 speaker is definitely strong and durable. It’s reassuring to know it’s built to withstand the elements and the bumps and bruises of the outdoors. A solid and well-built speaker. Good start.

Rich Detail, Loud Beats

Probably the most important factor when buying a portable speaker is sound quality. The Soundcore Boom 2 is built with 2.1 channel surround sound, you get to experience the dynamic audio with an active crossover for clear highs and deep bass. Internally, it’s equipped with a 50W Racetrack subwoofer that delivers a powerful, deep bass balanced by smart crossover technology. This ensures the sound quality is crisp and booming for an immersive audio experience. Fitted with Dual 15W Silk Tweeters, there’s a high clarity, crisp and detailed sound – so there’s none of that tinny, hollow, soul-less sound that is commonly associated with inferior speakers. This is pure power!

Soundcore Boom 2 has advanced BassUp™ 2.0 technology, allowing you to tweak the bass EQ and boost the output from 60W to a maximum output of 80W.
This delivers deep bass, booming sound that’s louder and deeper yet still crystal clear, elevating every beat. Built with the customisable Pro Equalizer, you can experiment with a wide range of settings to find the perfect sound for any song or vibe. So when it comes to sound quality, feel the power of the bass in every song – turn up the volume and let the sound swallow you. 

Powerful, Portable and Floatable too!

Soundcore Boom 2 is designed to handle any adventure, so you can listen worry-free wherever you choose to go. As well as being floatable, it has a IPX7 waterproof rating, meaning you can submerge it in water up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes without damage. So if you enjoy the outdoors and feel adventurous you’re not limited to where you can listen to your favourite tunes. The beach, the pool, in the rain, the wilderness or riding the waves; you know your sound isn’t being compromised.

True Wireless Stereo (TWS) connectivity allows you to pair up with another speaker to get the full stereo sound experience with separate channels. And if that isn’t enough, you can connect up to 100+ speakers with PartyCast 2.0, so if your small party grows in popularity and you want to take it up a few levels and turn into a rave, well that’s easily done. 

If that’s still not enough, Soundcore Boom 2 transforms your music into a visual spectacle with the captivating beat-synced LED light show. With seven unique light effects, you can watch as the lights dance along to the beat, pulsing and changing colours in perfect sync with your music – creating the perfect atmosphere for any situation.

These extras make the Soundcore Boom 2 so much more appealing. Nice one.

All-Day, Anywhere

Pairing wirelessly is seamless using Bluetooth 5.0 technology and with a range of over 50 feet, you can enjoy music freely. Nothing to tie you down, making it ideal for the outdoors. 

The Soundcore Boom 2 has an impressive battery life and will keep the beats playing for up-to 24 hours on a single charge – so your lively listening sessions don’t need to end abruptly. A full charge cycle takes 5.5 hours, but that’s not just for the speaker. With a built-in power bank, you can also charge your essentials ensuring that not only does your Soundcore Boom 2 have juice, but the phone or device you’re streaming from does too, wherever you are.

Boxed to Go

The Soundcore Boom 2 Outdoor Speaker, with its solid, rugged build, impressive sound quality, long battery life and portability, not to mention the LED light show is definitely one to consider for any music lover or outdoor enthusiast. Available in 3 colours – Phantom black, Adventure green or Explorer blue. The speaker retails at USD$130. So if you love good quality sound and enjoy moving and grooving, this is an excellent choice.

If you’re convinced the Soundcore Boom 2 is for you or if you want further information, check out their website.

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