Review: Ring Video Doorbell Pro Battery – Ringing in changes with 3D Motion Detection

See who's at your door, before they ring!

You may have noticed a buzz surrounding Ring over recent years. The Ring Video Doorbell has become ubiquitous in almost every street in suburbia across the world, it seems. I recently heard the all-to-familiar Ring chime sound in my local supermarket several times. I observed shoppers checking their phones to see who had arrived at their front door. Some even had conversations with their guests while perusing the supermarket aisles. Feeling green with envy and FOMO, I eventually bit the bullet and ordered a Ring Video Doorbell 2nd Gen.

Ring has updated its range and now introduces the next generation of its popular video doorbell – The Pro! Just like my 2nd Gen, it has the same features plus a few more extra benefits that will appeal to existing and new customers alike. But is it worth it? Read on to help you decide!…


The main reason I bought a wireless, battery-powered, Ring video doorbell was that I’m not confident enough to fiddle with wiring stuff to the main electricity supply to the house. Finding and getting a qualified electrician to do the job costs an arm and a leg these days. So, the battery-powered version seemed the best option for me.

What does it do?

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro is feature-rich. Not only does it act like a doorbell (surprise!), it empowers the owner with other benefits no ordinary video doorbell can deliver.

This Pro version has 3D Motion Detection which until now, was only available on Ring security cameras. 3D Motion Detection allows the user to see exactly where the motion event took place using an aerial view of the location. Say, for example, someone triggered the motion detection and hid behind a wall, tree or bin. Or they could have just rang the doorbell and wandered off.

With a 150º wide field of view and 1536p HD video, the camera can provide a head-to-toe shot of who or what is at your door. The App can notify you if there is a person or a parcel at your front door.

Some doorbell cameras fail under low light conditions and at night. The Ring Video Doorbell Pro comes with Colour Night Vision which only requires ambient street lights or security lights to capture footage in colour. If however, there is no ambient light source, the doorbell can use built-in Infra-Red (IR) lights to capture the footage in black & white.

As with the 2nd Gen version, you can talk to whoever is at your door just like a Bond villain. Once you have synced the doorbell with a Ring chime or along with Alexa (bought separately), you can be alerted to audio notifications around the home. The sound quality is perfectly acceptable and the entire conversation can be recorded.

Being wireless isn’t without issues though. Firstly, you need to check that you have a good Wi-Fi connection between the location of the doorbell and your router. Either 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz will do. This should be done with the installation of the Ring App on your phone. The App controls every aspect of the doorbell such as naming the device(s), setting zones, scheduling, playback of footage etc…

Every brand new purchase of a Ring Video Doorbell Pro comes with a FREE 30-day subscription to the Ring Protect Plan. This allows you to save recordings, view and share them. You can continue to enjoy the benefits of the Ring Protect Plan after the initial 30 days if you purchase the Plan, otherwise, you will only be able to watch real-time footage without the ability to record.

If this all sounds too good to be true, it’s important to note that there will be compromises to make whether you purchase a Ring Protect Plan or not.

With all the power the Ring Video Doorbell gives the user, the urge to incessantly check the App can lead to the battery power depleting sooner than expected. Battery usage can therefore be prolonged by tweaking some of the settings with the App. Charging the battery in the Pro version is slightly different to the 2nd Gen. With the Pro, you simply have to unscrew a single security screw from the base of the doorbell, pull the faceplate towards you from the bottom edge and it comes off. There is a clip at the base of the battery holder that frees it so it can be removed from the main housing when pressed. The battery can then be connected to the supplied cable and mains socket to charge. This method seems much more user-friendly than the 2nd Gen model which requires two security screws to be unscrewed, the entire bell housing to be removed from the base plate and connected to the charging cable. I found this to be too fiddly as the security screws are fairly small and require the Ring screwdriver to unscrew. Doing this, sometimes every week, can become a chore. The Pro version seems to have addressed this reasonably well.

Should you get one?

If you need a video doorbell, then the Ring Video Doorbell Pro is hard to beat. I’d prefer a wired connection than to have to deal with the unenviable task of charging the doorbell every so often. The doorbell along with the Ring App will certainly enhance your life. If you can commit to purchasing the Ring Protect Plan after the free 30 day trial, then I would urge you to do so. Setting it up is a breeze and the App is very user-friendly. There is a large community of Ring enthusiasts online whom you can ask for advice should you need it. At the time of writing this review, the Battery Video Doorbell Pro retails at $199AUD from

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