Review: Zens Office Charger 2 and Pro 3 – Form Meets Function in Perfect Harmony

Zens and Zensability

As part of my degree course in Graphic Design many moons ago, we were taught about Dutch and Scandinavian Design aesthetics. The clean and understated design ethos of the Dutch design movement continues to influence all aspects of design. This, almost clinical and minimalistic attitude is one of the outstanding features of the Zens Wireless Office Charger 2 and Office Charger Pro 3 on review.

Both of these chargers share the same DNA. The only difference is that the Charger 2 can simultaneously charge an iPhone 12 (and up) plus AirPods. The Charger Pro 3 can go one better and additionally charge the Apple Watch, making three devices in total.

What’s in the Box?

Before I go any further, I have to say the way the contents are placed inside the box is a work of genius, a masterclass in cramming multiple items within a small form factor. I made the mistake of intuitively opening the box at the top and partly demolishing the box in the process. Doh! However, once I opened it, I found the actual charging stand, user manual, extended warranty registration card, charging cable, charger and a selection of adaptors to attach to the charger to meet country-specific power socket requirements.

It took a while for me to work out how to attach the correct adaptor but once I figured it out, I was able to breathe a huge sigh of relief.

How does it work?

Made from high-grade zinc/alloy, the charger feels strong and sturdy and would look like a work of modern art placed on an office desk.

Both chargers are fairly simple and intuitive to use. The charging surfaces have a rubbery texture to help prevent the charging devices from falling off. The plinth of both chargers conveniently charges a wireless AirPods charging case (2nd & 3rd generation and all versions of AirPods Pro).

From the plinth of Charger 2, extends an inverted, L-shaped rod where the magnetic connection rests. There is sufficient room to charge the iPhone either vertically or horizontally. Be warned though! Unless your phone is encased in a MagSafe cover 3mm or less, you may need to remove the phone from the cover before you attempt to charge it for it to remain magnetically attached.

While the power adaptor is 24W, the charger still operates at a fast 15W. The Charger also supports Apple’s StandBy mode for those who require limited access while the phone is locked and charging.

For those office executives who have fully embraced the Apple brand and are fortunate enough to own an Apple Watch, the Charger Pro 3 may be worth consideration. This charger does the same thing as the Charger 2 except that it has an additional rod that projects away from the main rod. This secondary rod has a dedicated 5W charging surface that can charge an Apple Watch. Whether you have an office desk, nightstand or side table, this almost sculptural Charger will complement any home or office.


Both chargers come with 3-year warranty which is a positive sign of Zens’ belief in the quality and workmanship of their chargers.

If you want to get your hands on either of these chargers or to learn more, check them out on Amazon here

Or check out their entire range here.

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