Review: Cololight Plus Hexagon Light – 7 Pcs (Homekit) Let There Be Light…Please?

Illuminate your life

Light. It’s all around us. We notice it bouncing off every surface from the moment we wake up, to when we turn in for the night. Light allows us to make sense of our surroundings. It can also control our emotions. Most of us take it for granted but light is truly underrated in my opinion. It’s a long-standing belief that the “temperature” of light affects how we feel. Reds, oranges and yellows are considered warm colours. Greens are perceived as fresh and natural, whereas blues are seen as cooling hues. So, wouldn’t it be cool to have the ability to control light within our homes? With Cololight, you could light up your life, one hexagon at a time.

What is it?

Cololight offers numerous products in its line-up. At the basic level it’s a lighting feature that you can interact with in so far as you can construct your light using the hexagonal LED blocks which are connected together with the use of connectors that plug into the back of each block (but more about that later.) With the use of the Cololight App downloaded onto your mobile device, you can change the colour of the light from a choice of over 16 million colours and you can also apply visual effects if you want to create a Trippy vibe to your pad, den or abode.

Unboxing and First Impressions

The ColoLight Plus arrives in a sleek, modern box, hinting at the techy goodness within. Inside, you’ll find the seven hexagonal light panels, a plastic stand, a power adapter, a bag of Connectors, a bag of Fixators, a reset pin and a “user manual”. The panels themselves feel sturdy and well-made, with a clean, minimalist design. The honeycomb shape on the front diffuses the light for a soft, even glow, which looks good in the many YouTube videos I’ve watched while researching the product.

Setting Up the Show

I’m naturally averse to products that require setting up and configuring, unless they offer a good Return On Investment in the form of pleasure or delight, so I began this process with a sense of trepidation. To be honest, I struggled on my own, so I enlisted the help of a friend as I figured two heads were better than one. Sadly, we both found the configuration process prohibitively clunky and confusing.  One annoyance is the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi requirement – no 5 GHz support here. So, the first hurdle was to figure out how to switch the Wi-Fi router to 2.4Ghz. This process isn’t clear and is compounded by the fact that instructions differ between broadband/ Wi-Fi suppliers! The other infuriating thing is having to grant the app access to the precise location and control over my phone. You can reject it but you can’t progress with the setup process unless you do. Is this really necessary FOR A LAMP?

Going Modular: Building Your Light Symphony

As mentioned earlier, the hexagons can be connected together, allowing you to create various geometric patterns. The first block has to be attached to the power adapter which slots through a gap at the centre of the plastic stand. The adapter sits comfortably in place but it does leave you wondering why there isn’t a provision for the cable to be neatly led away and out of sight. With the power cable underneath the stand, the stand is prone to rock back and forth as it isn’t sitting on an even surface.

App-tastic Controls: A Universe of Colors at Your Fingertips?

Once you have constructed your geometric shape using the connectors, it is advisable to keep your shape intact with the use of the fixators. It’s important to mention that power is only delivered through the connectors NOT the fixators.

The ColoLight app is your gateway to a world of lighting possibilities but you’ll need the metaphoric key to this gateway which is in the haystack that is inside the haystack with the proverbial needle in it! The user manual may as well have been written in invisible ink and Latin for all the good it did.

If you are fortunate enough to get it working, you can choose from a vast library of preset themes, ranging from calming ocean waves to vibrant disco lights. If you’re feeling adventurous (or lucky), you can create custom lighting effects by assigning individual colours to each LED within a panel.  The app even allows you to group panels and control them as a single unit (so I’ve read!)

Beyond Static Lights: Dancing with Color

The ColoLight Plus boasts a built-in mic which can sync audio. Your lights can effectively respond dynamically to the music playing in your room or the sound of your melodic voice. I can only imagine the dance floor coming alive as the lights pulse and shift in rhythm with the beat – perfect for setting the mood for a banging party or a relaxing evening listening to your favorite funky tunes.

Home Integration: Now you’re talking!

The added benefit of having a built-in mic is convenience. The ColoLight Plus is noted to integrate with popular smart home ecosystems like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Purportedly, with simple voice commands, you can turn the lights on/off, adjust brightness, or switch between lighting effects.

Aesthetics with a But: The Chunky Side Effect

While the hexagonal shape on the front of the panels is undeniably cool, the sides do have a rather chunky profile. This thickness can be visually distracting, especially if you mount the panels directly on your wall.  If a flush look is what you’re after, you may want to consider other Cololight options.

What I think: A Potentially Bright Addition with Room for Improvement

At a time when almost every new device is equipped with colour-changing LED features, it’s no surprise that eventually, the LED itself would become the main product. If only a bit more thought went into the development of this product, I’d have been more drawn to the brand.

The ColoLight Plus Hexagon 7-Piece Kit offers a compelling package for those seeking a dynamic and customizable lighting solution. The modular design, extensive colour options, and smart home integration make it a fun addition to any home. It’s a novelty piece that young minds may find engaging. However, as a paying adult, I’d have to think twice.

The app setup could and should be smoother. My experience with this product left a lot to be desired. I didn’t feel the time that both my friend AND I had invested in getting it to work was adequately rewarded. You may have better success. Check out the other options available from Cololight Here:

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