Review: TORRAS Ostand SS ShieldMate Case

The perfect companion – made for each other

Once upon a time, the watch on your wrist was the most expensive item you had when out. Today, for 99% of the population, undoubtedly, the most high value item in your possession, on a daily basis is… you guessed it! Your mobile phone. And if we objectify love, then by virtue of time devoted, your phone would be the most loved.

It’s safe to say most people are completely lost without it. Our phone has replaced so many previously owned items – camera, diary, address book (for those that know what that is), compass, sat nav, newspaper and even your wallet – as well as bringing an entirely new world to your fingertips. We’ve all become so highly dependent on our phones. It’s the new American Express – ‘never leave home without it’ – but amended to ‘never live without it’!

In a poll, regarding ‘your most prized possession’,  your mobile phone would win, hands down. Having paid a ransom for it, keeping it safe should sit high on your priority list. So careful consideration is critical when choosing the right phone case, ensuring that whatever life throws at your phone, it comes out unscathed and smiling, and you’re gasp-free and unlikely to have a nervous breakdown.

But choosing the right phone case can seem overwhelming – the multitude of variables from aesthetics, fit, protection level, functionality, ergonomics, durability and price – almost makes you want to give up before even getting started. But there’s even more – wireless charging, germ-free handling, Magsafe, etc. So let’s make sense of it all and look at the TORRAS Ostand SS ShieldMate Case for iPhone 15 Pro. I’ve been using it for over a month, so had ample time to test it sufficiently and make comparisons to my previous cases and others on the market.

Built to Last

Never judge a book by it’s cover… they say. Well this is isn’t one of those cases – literally! Comes well packaged in a nicely presented box, and once in your hand, it just feels right. Everything about it feels right. The ergonomic design – sound odd, but yes, it fits well in your hand, and the first thing I noticed instinctively was I knew this case would never slip out of my hand. So it’s a big win. Sturdy and strong, but yet soft to touch, the case is extremely comfortable to handle. Responsive buttons accurately placed and a precise trim to ensure the case doesn’t over-power your phone – just enough to ensure it’s well protected but retain the glamour of the phone. First impressions are really good.

Sleek and Sexy

What’s really annoying about phone cases is how they turn your elegant, curvy phone into little box-shaped irritants. Not the ShieldMate. It’s slim and sleek. Hugs the the iPhone like a how every intimate hug should be, and my iPhone doesn’t look like it needs to go on a diet – the case only adds a couple of millimeters to overall size, making it an easy fit for your pocket. Curved and contoured to reflect the iPhone and aesthetically, as satisfying as a silhouette of the long-time office crush you’ve never had courage to confess to. It complements the show-boating of the iPhone 15 – it looks the part perfectly. Definitely not a case of beauty and the beast; more like the handsome young prince, and very easy on the eyes!

Not Just a Pretty Face

The ShieldMate isn’t just good to look at, it’s built to last and protect; born for adventure – and it’s abundantly clear this case was meant to be dropped. Yes, dropped – like a bad habit. Made with 360° built-in real air-filled bumpers that you can see and feel, the high-durability TPU structure absorbs up to 98% of the shock of impact, enhancing both security and comfort. The case has a 1mm lip around the screen to retain maximum screen viewing but extra protection around the camera with 1.5mm lip for additional safety (we know the hazards of outdoor adventure and social media photography).

Standing O-vation

The ShieldMate, with Ostand, has a well-crafted, flat, minimalistic aircraft-grade aluminium ring that is seamlessly integrated into the back of the case, offering the ultimate adjustable ring holder and kickstand, allowing you to watch your shows and enjoy video calls hand-free. With over 30,000 folding test, it’s durable, sturdy and elegant. But it’s more than that. Made from 38 powerful N56 permanent magnets, the Ostand, doubles up as a magnet to facilitate MagSafe, perfectly aligned to allow faster and safer charging – whether it’s a wireless charger or a battery pack, it’s seamless attachment ensures it’s secure and never slides of the charger. Clever design that doubles up as not one but three additional features, making the phone case a much better suitor for your iPhone.

Down on One Knee

Say Yes. They say “when you know, you just know”. And for me, it was just that. From the moment I unboxed the ShieldMate case, I just knew it. It’s the one. I was sure this was the perfect partner for my iPhone and wanted them to spend life together. Priced at US$42.99 it’s not like you’re buying diamonds, but I know my iPhone wouldn’t ask for anything more. And if the “getting what you pay for” is anything to go by, then you’re getting way, way more than you’re paying for.

If you want further information, or I’ve put forward a good case and twisted your arm, check out their Website HERE

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