Review: Dreame L10s Ultra Robot Vacuum Cleaner – Say Goodbye to Chores and Hello to the future

The ultimate excuse to never vacuum again

Back in the day when life was played out on TV and cinema screens in black & white, if you asked anyone what they thought the future would be like, domestic robots would definitely be on the list. While we may still be far away from the dream of android-like robots co-habiting with us, technology has advanced enough for us to be able to relinquish some of the mundane chores that humans are subjected to doing, like cleaning. On review today is the L10s Ultra – just one model from their range of over a dozen.

While many manufacturers have ventured into the robot vacuum sector, we find that some models are basically an amalgamation of cheaper components that happen to work together and packaged as a robot vacuum cleaner. Then you have companies like Dreame Technology (Dreame). Founded in 2017, they have established themselves as innovators and pioneers in their field with an impressive lineup of home cleaning products.

I imagine that it’s tricky to make a Standout robot vacuum cleaner in a sector where every other robot vacuum cleaner basically does the same thing. Surely there must be a limit to the number of features that can be integrated into a robot vacuum cleaner appliance! I believe the L10s Ultra goes a fair way to ticking most boxes but it’s HOW it carries out these functions that diistinguishes it. Here’s a brief roundup of its features;

  • Auto-Empty
  • Mop Self-cleaning
  • AI + 3D Navigation
  • 5300 pa suction*
  • Mop lifting

Let’s delve deeper into these points a little

The Auto-Empty

Dreame have developed DualBoost 2.0 system which blows air into the dust box causing the contents to empty into the 3L dust bag using a vacuum effect. All of this is done with minimum fuss, minimum noise and with virtually no clogging. According to Dreame, a 3L dustbag should hold roughly 60 days worth of dust and debris. The Dust Bag is housed inside the main body of the base station and is easy to remove and replace.

Mop Self-cleaning

With a 2.5 L water tank and dual rotary mops spinning at 180RPM, the addition of cleaning solution will provide 200sqm of cleaning and deodorizing. Your wood, tile, vinyl, or other hard floors will be left  refreshingly clean. The L10s Ultra will even raise the mop heads as it returns to the base station so as not leave unsightly marks on the floor.

Automatic mop cleaning immerses the mops in water and spins them at high speed against grooves in the removable base plate to dislodge dirt. After cleaning is complete, the mops are dried with hot air in as little as 2 hours to help prevent odor, mildew, and bacterial growth, ready for the next cleaning session.

AI + 3D Navigation

With the help of the App, the L10s Ultra uses the built-in camera to map the layout of floorspace around the home. Using AI, it will generate the most efficient path to take. You can even use the L10s Ultra’s camera to observe what’s going on at home, providing an additional level of security when you’re not at home.

5300 pa suction

Pa is short for Pascal Pressure – the scale used to measure suction power. Basically, the higher the number, the more suction you get. As a general rule of thumb, a normal vacuum cleaner has a Pa value of between 1000Pa and 2000Pa so in my estimation, 5300Pa will be more than sufficient for the most grotty of environments.

Whether your home décor includes carpeted floors, hardwood, laminate, vinyl or tiles, the L10s Ultra has got your floor covered when it comes to cleaning. You can program schedules so it will come to life and carry out its duty at specific times throughout the day or night. After a long day at work or out shopping, you could return home safe in the knowledge that your floors will be gleaming, clean and smelling fresh.

For me however, the mopping function is where this robot vacuum cleaner stands out from the rest. I’ve tested some other robot-vacuum cleaners that claimed to have a mopping function but some of these merely wiped the floor with a wet cloth and didn’t seem to have the power needed to do the job well. With the L10s Ultra’s ability to mop, scrub, raise off the ground, clean & dry itself, this has to be one of the models worth considering at around $822 USD if you aspire to make fully automated home cleaning a reality.

For further information on the L10s Ultra, visit the Dreame website here.

Or head over to Amazon

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