Review: Swann Xtreem4K Wireless Camera & SwannBuddy4K Wireless Video Doorbell

A Security Camera and Doorbell all in a Compact Form

It can often seem like the market is flooded with all kinds of security products. Obscure manufacturers we’ve never heard of are eager to get their dubious products into our homes, some at knock-down prices which seem too good to be true. So, when a global leader like Swann launches a product, it would be prudent to take notice and consider what they are offering. Here, we shall examine the features and benefits of two of their products; The Swann Xtreem4K Wireless Security Camera and the SwannBuddy4K Wireless Video Doorbell.

There is an old saying “An Englishman’s Home is His Castle”. Although this saying specifically mentions an Englishman, it applies equally to everyone across the globe, regardless of location.  Our homes and property are of immense value to us materially and sentimentally. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that we keep our properties, family and loved ones safe and secure especially with the volatile nature of the world we live in.

Swann Xtreem4K Wireless Security Camera

I’m a fan of wireless technology. Memories of being up to my eyeballs in leads and cables while setting up devices and appliances are thankfully a thing of the past. While hard wiring offers some benefits, if you have a reliable WiFi connection, wireless is the way to go as far as I’m concerned. The Xtreem4K is a compact security camera that features 4K Ultra-HD. The camera housing is waterproof so it can be installed indoors or outdoors. It has a long-lasting rechargeable battery* and offers good night vision performance. The discreetly located microphone on the front, between the lens and heat/ motion sensor allows for two-way talk. This is particularly useful to have if you are unable to open the door or if you wish to ward off unwanted individuals.

Installation & Setup

Being a wireless security camera, installation is a breeze. Depending on where you wish to mount the camera, you may only need a screwdriver. The camera has a concealed USB charging port under a rubber cover along with a slot for the 32GB micro SD card which also ships with camera. There is also a Set and Reset button. It is advisable to charge the camera for a couple of hours before installation. The charging status is indicated by a blue light on the front of the camera which flashes while it is charging. Once it has finished charging, the light switches off. The user is also required to download the Swann app from the Apple Store (for IOS) or Google Playstore (for Android). The charging status as well as all other features are viewed and controlled by the app. Once the App is installed on the phone, the user is required to pair the camera to the App using a 2.4Ghz WiFi connection. While many routers operate on 5Ghz, it is possible on some routers, to temporarily switch to a 2.4Ghz setting. In any case, a reliable signal will be required and it is recommended that the camera be positioned as close as possible to the router itself.

The mounting bracket initially needs to be fixed to the chosen surface using a threaded screw onto which the bracket is fixed. Once this is done, the camera attaches to the bracket using the strong magnet located in the bracket. This allows the camera to be tilted and adjusted to the desired position to capture the required footage. While the magnet is strong and requires some effort to dislodge the camera, it would still be advisable to position it beyond reach. Doing so will not prohibitively affect the camera operation. The camera’s PIR Heat Detection Range is Up to 26ft / 8m. Night Vision Distance is Up to 50ft / 15m and Audio range is up to 16ft / 5m. The Xtreem offers impressive Night Vision capabilities as well. Heat and motion detection automatically switches the spotlights on allowing it to capture colour night vision. In instances where there is no external light source, the camera only captures footage in black & white.  The Xtreem is also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant so you could use voice commands to operate the camera.

In a market dominated by just a handful of companies, I feel Swann offers a serious alternative to the perennial challenge of home and business security. If however, you feel the need for added security around your property, you could equally invest in the SwannBuddy4K Wireless Video Doorbell

SwannBuddy4K Wireless Video Doorbell

Due to the way many people live these days, a fully-featured CCTV security system may not be the ideal solution. For instance, you may have a smaller dwelling or live in an apartment block. In these cases, many customers could benefit from a Video Doorbell and Swann has got you covered with this too.

The SwannBuddy4K Wireless Video Doorbell provides the benefits of a security camera and doorbell all in a compact form. Although marketed as a wireless solution, if you have existing doorbell wiring, it can also be connected to this. The device has a comprehensive set of other specifications too. Wireless mode can give six months of reliable service between charges. The 165º vertical, wide-angle camera can capture Head-to-Toe footage of visitors. 4K Crystal clear colour video is a boon as less-capable doorbell cameras only offer 1080p. Users are not required to subscribe to a service to access camera footage as all recordings are directly saved to the 32GB Micro SD card (which is included in the box).

As with the security camera, the video doorbell is also equipped with True Detect™ This will alert the user(s) and begin recording in the event of a change of heat and motion. User(s) are also able to remotely talk and listen to visitors or intruders and take any further action as they see fit. All nocturnal visitors’ footage is automatically captured when it gets dark, using night vision with a camera range of up to 26 feet/ 8 metres.

The SwannBuddy Video Doorbell stands out with its included chime, featuring six selectable melodies. Unlike many devices relying on USB charging adaptors, this video doorbell operates on 2 x AA batteries, which are included in the box, making it a convenient and user-friendly option for households.

With an emphasis on reliable and affordable security solutions for homes and businesses, users can rest in the knowledge that their valuable assets are protected by a company that is a world leader in the field of security monitoring. Swann is having a mid year SALE, so check them out today for some great deals HERE.

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