Review: Logitech Z207 Speakers – Speaks volumes…literally!

Big sound, small price.

I admit that I’m not a hardcore audiophile. Since my professional career succumbed to the ravages of Covid-19, I’ve been “working from home” for the past few years, I am acutely aware of the crowded nature of my living arrangements as I’m constantly being told to be quiet as there is an imminent online meeting taking place elsewhere in the house. So, I’ve grown accustomed to listening to music pumped directly into my ears through my earbuds so as not to irritate others. Being somewhat belligerent by nature, I have been sneakily planning my revenge just like Andy Dufresne in Shawshank Redemption when he locks the prison guard in the toilet and plays loud, classical music over the prison tannoy system. So, when I received the Logitech Z207 Bluetooth speakers, I accepted it as an omen or sign from the universe that the time had come for me to exact revenge.

Everyone has heard of Logitech, or rather, “should” have. Formed in Switzerland in the early 1980s, they have built a strong and dependable reputation for producing techware spanning the entire gamut of computer peripherals. Today, we shall cast our eyes upon the Logitech Z207 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers.

As opposed to other Bluetooth speakers where all of the tech is encased in a single form factor making them ideal for mobility, these Logitech speakers come as a pair which suggests to me that they ought to form part of the interior design of a room or studio. Each speaker measures 241mm in height and 90mm in width. Both speakers are permanently tethered by a 6ft (approx) lead. The power cable is also 6ft (approx) in length so the distance you could span from the mains to the furthest speaker is around 12ft. This gives the user the option to independently position the speakers to produce the optimum listening experience for their space. They come in a choice two colours off-white or black. The speakers would look perfect perched on a shelf, step or desk either at home, office or in a retail environment.

On paper, a mere 10W Peak is almost laughable but don’t let the numbers fool you. These speakers can punch well above their weight when it comes to output.

Setting Up

The Bluetooth nature of these speakers mean that they will play music from any source that is also equipped with Bluetooth with upto a 20-meter line of sight range. Don’t let the moniker “Computer Speakers” fool you into thinking these can only work if plugged into your PC. The right speaker is slightly different to the left speaker in that it has a On/Off/Volume knob and a Bluetooth pairing button. Switching the speakers on requires a gentle turn of the knob which provides a reassuring click and a green LED light turns on. If you haven’t yet paired your device with the speakers, a press of the pairing button allows your device to detect the speakers. The pairing process makes the blue LED flash on and off. Once detected, they appear as Logi Z207 on your device and the LED remains a constant blue, indicating that both devices have paired. And that is it. You now just have to find the “sweet spot” for volume control. While the speaker has a volume control knob, the volume can also be controlled from your phone or other device. Don’t be alarmed if you’ve increased the volume on your device and can’t hear anything. You just need to turn the volume dial on the speaker for the magic to happen!

Prepare yourself!

Once I found my “sweet spot”, the music flowed through my ears and filled my head with a warm, rich sound that quite literally blew my mind. It felt like I had almost been endowed with a super-hearing power. I can’t remember the last time I felt this exhilarating sensation as I had been so accustomed to listening to music with earbuds. The atmosphere in the room was transformed with sound bouncing off every surface. Without wishing to sound evangelical, it felt blissful.

The bass, mid-tones, top notes and vocals were in perfect harmony.

Now, I’ve had the pleasure of listening to some high-end speakers over the years. I am in complete awe of the science, design, engineering and manufacturing processes that culminate in the construction of speakers. I’m sure that a professional may be able to distinguish the sound produced by different speakers but to me, the sound produced by the Logitech Z207 is comparable to speakers costing so much more.

Summing up

I only regret that I could not pump the volume to the max. This is in no way a fault of the speakers. Not many things would give me greater pleasure than causing my next-door neighbour to protest at the loudness of the music reverberating into their home. Heaven knows we have been subjected to tolerating their noise for years! But I’m above petty, neighbourly squabbles… As for my family? Lol. (Rubs fingers menacingly) I will exact revenge on them in my own time! Mwah ha ha! (Evil laugh)

Where to buy and cost

If you’re in the market for a set of budget-friendly, Bluetooth speakers, I strongly urge you to consider the Logitech Z207. Find them here:

Or on Amazon here:

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