Review: Zyxel XMG-100 Series Network Switch – Expand your Network

Multiple devices, zero lag?

Zyxel has been in existence since 1989 and has earned a reputation for making high-quality network communications and broadband-related products. These devices supported the needs of early adopters of the then-burgeoning internet.

I’m not a business tycoon or a captain of industry but I do know that the bottom line for any commercial enterprise is profit. With profit comes the desire or need to grow the business and expand. I guess it’s kind of like the chicken & egg syndrome. One of the challenges of a growing business is the dependency on technology and digital networks. Networks allow individuals to work more efficiently by allowing strong and stable communications across devices on the Local Area Network (LAN).

While some might argue that this is the age of wireless technology, having a wired connection is known to be far more stable and secure than wireless networks. Just ask anyone who’s experienced wireless congestion and timeout issues while gaming or watching their favourite TV show. We all know how frustrating that can be!

You may have noticed that on a regular Wi-Fi router, there will be a very limited number of ports into which you could plug a device such as a computer, printer, telephone, Hard Drive etc… The router allows a few devices to talk to each other, but a growing business needs systems to meet its growing needs. Improving efficiencies at work can lead to improvements in the workforce and workplace, ultimately leading to commercial success.

This also applies in a domestic environment where there could be a demand for access to multiple devices simultaneously by different people, for example, a games console, smart TV, heating/ cooling appliances or security systems.… Where an extension socket supplies electricity to all of these devices and appliances, a Network Switch such as the Zyxel XMG-105HP facilitates the seamless movement and sharing of data.

The XMG-105HP is a versatile network switch. THe XMG_100 Series comes in 5 and 8-port models. You are also given the option of having Power Over Ethernet (PoE) which doesn’t require a dedicated power adaptor. Call me “Old Fashioned” but I have my reservations about PoE devices and would always prefer each device to have its power supply straight from the mains. However, I do appreciate that in certain circumstances, this isn’t practical.

Each of the ports supports up to 2.5G speeds and can more than accommodate the demanding needs of the devices they support. What’s more, you won’t need to invest in costly cables to connect to the switch. Whether you have a Cat 5e, Cat 6 or Cat6a cable, these will offer significant improvements over existing 1Gbps.

Suppose you happen to be in an environment where large files need to be exchanged. In that case, the switches are equipped with a super fast 10G SFP+ Uplink port that lets the switch connect to large storage devices like NAS Drives or servers. This will dramatically increase transfer speeds resulting in improved time efficiency.

One of the many perks of an efficient working environment is the inconspicuous nature of the technical gubbins. Nobody likes to see tangled cables, chunky boxes and hear the constant whirring noise of fans. Everything should work and be barely noticeable. The Zyxel XMG-105HP has a robust and fanless design for stable and silent operation and is perfect for low-noise or noise-free environments in the home, office or studio. Its compact design offers the flexibility to place the switch on a desktop or mount it on a wall.

Unlike many devices, this switch doesn’t require any manual configuring and setting up which, for me, is a massive plus. The XMG-105HP is ready to go to work as soon as you unbox the product and plug it in. True Plug & Play.

If you’re a key decision-maker in your organisation, whether at the office or home, the Zyxel XMG 105HP network switch will very capably support your existing digital network needs. I’m confident that the XMG-105HP will stand up to the rigours of what the future holds and keep your office or home working more efficiently.

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