Review: Stoov Big Hug XL Heated Pad – Get that warm, fuzzy feeling inside

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It takes more than just a nice idea to turn a product into a business. First of all, the idea has to germinate in the mind and you have to find time to nurture it as it evolves, get over the procrastination that usually sets in, research has to be done to ascertain the existence of any competitors, prototype(s) needs to be made, Intellectual Property has to be secured, a marketing strategy needs to be made, suppliers need to be found, a website needs to be developed, a route-to-market needs to be established and you have to contend with the rest of life getting in the way. Then, after all of this, you need to find customers willing to part with their money to buy your product. There’s a lot of graft involved.

I find that the best ideas tend to flow in the first couple of hours after a good sleep or nap. The very mention of sleep has induced alpha-wave activity in my brain so excuse me if I fall asleep as I write thisssssssszzz…

Have you ever been so tired that all you want to do is curl up into a ball and hibernate? This will resonate with everyone even though some may deny it!

Stoov designs and manufactures clever, heated homeware products. I’m not just talking about the electric blanket your grandparents use in their bed during the colder months! Stoov products uniquely use infrared technology to generate warmth for every individual. The Big Hug XL is a cordless, heated blanket/pad measuring 45 x 135cm. Providing up to 6 hours of heat from a single charge of the Li-ion battery. The heated pad comes in a choice of four fabric options to suit your lifestyle.

For the “Goldilocks” among you, there are three heat settings providing varying degrees of heat from 28ºC to 42ºC so you’ll never remain too hot or too cold. The infrared technology has been classed as safe for prolonged use and warms the body directly. This ensures the heat is delivered to the body and not simply warming the air around the blanket.

The on/off button has been cleverly integrated into the smart product label while the pad also boasts safety features like overheating protection and automatic switch off.

Stoov has gone to great lengths to ensure their products meet sustainability goals and aim to be carbon neutral by 2030. They have dedicated an entire section of their website to promoting their commendable, eco-friendly and socially inclusive credentials so you can rest assured that buying into the brand will have minimal impact on the environment while doing good for their workforce too. Backed by a two-year guarantee and a 30-day return policy, you may find it tempting to buy one for your significant other as well, be they human or animal so you can go into hibernation together.

For further information on Big Hug XL or any of their other products, head over to the Stoov website.

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