Review: Zhiyun Smooth 5 Combo – Finally, a Gimbal for All Ages

The Zhiyun Smooth 5 is the next addition in smart phone gimbals in the Zhiyun collection. It is fresh and new and can be purchased by itself for roughly $170 or in a combo pack for $220. It is significantly more expensive than its previous builds so should you take the leap into purchasing this product? Unboxing this piece of equipment was a treat! The box is nice and the carrying case that the combo offers houses the Smooth 5 beautifully. The case itself perfectly holds the gimbal and...

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Review: Shadow Warrior 3 – This Ninja Should Have Stayed Hidden

Flying Wild Hog’s latest installation of Shadow Warrior has been on my radar for a while. With the decision of having Shadow Warrior 3 drop the co-op loot based gameplay of Shadow Warrior 2 I was nervous getting into this crazy vibrant world for the third time. Was this departure, from what worked so well with it’s last game, the right call for this franchise or should this ninja have been sent back to the Dojo for some more lessons?

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Review: Plugable 4K Displayport – UD-6950PDZ

The Plugable USBC Triple 4k HDMI and Displayport Display Horizontal Docking Station is a very impressive accessory catered to those who have laptops and are looking to expand their ports and displays. Regardless of its ridiculously long name this device has its uses but for the high price point is it necessary? The box that the Plugable Displayport comes in is extremely generic and the initial reveal was lacking. Not to mention the single small instruction “booklet” it came with had four pictures and roughly 25 words on it....

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Review: Roccat Burst Core Gaming Mouse

A Mouse for Gaming? Gaming mice are a dime a dozen these days. It seems most tech companies have their own brands and even sub brands within them. It can be extremely overwhelming trying to find one that completely fits your needs. Chances are when you bought your PC it came with a default mouse that covers all the bases, left click, right click, mouse wheel, etc… Why should you care about getting a gaming specific mouse or, more specifically, the Roccat Burst Core – Extreme Lightweight Optical Core...

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Review: Turtle Beach Recon Wired Controller

Ever since gaming got popular there have been a large number of companies trying to cash in. A lot of them by making off brand controllers. I had one for my SNES back in the day. It wasn’t licensed by Nintendo, but the bonuses it came with made it worth it. Brands like MadCatz became known as the “little brothers’ controller” companies. The companies who made off-band products that never truly matched the quality of the real thing. That being said, I was extremely surprised by the quality of...

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Review: Turtle Beach Recon 200 – One headset for any console.

For years Turtle Beach has been synonymous with affordable quality headsets.  I have purchased many different gaming headsets over the years and have found myself going back to Turtle Beach again and again.  It was not until recently that I have made the jump into more powerful and pricier headsets but I can’t deny my past experiences with, and love for, Turtle Beach products. Appearance Straight out of the box the headset itself is very slick.  Compared to other headsets it is medium sized.  It isn’t very flashy with...

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