Review: AUKEY 30000mAh USB-C Power Bank

These days everybody is addicted to personal electronics. Many have tried to go a full 24 hours without using any electronic device and failed miserably. As much time and energy that we use in our daily lives, we have come to rely on these devices. As we’ve all experienced, throughout the day our devices will run low on battery at the worst possible times. The problem we face is finding enough time to stop and charge. A Power Bank is the answer. With Aukey’s 30,000 mAh USB-C Power Bank,...

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Review: Swann’s 5MP Super NVR Security System

Unfortunately, we live in a world where we can no longer leave our doors unlocked. Crime is a problem that we all have to consider. You could string tin cans around your Property and cars, but I am sure that your neighbors would complain. There is an old proverb that says an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. What this means is a small investment now is worth many times more than what you could potentially lose. That is why investing in a quality...

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Review: Wacom Intuos – Creative Pen Tablet

A term in the past described most muralists and creative painters as “starving artists”. It has also been said that an artist’s work had no real value until they were dead. That is no longer true. People involved with any type of art can now have a bright, incredible future career using the Wacom Intuos: Creative Pen Tablet! This creative tablet and pen will allow users to practice and develop the skills needed to become an artist. Many creative people in the past needed a patron or a fan...

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