Review: Rode RODECaster Pro II

Hot off the launch of the RODECaster Pro is the more advanced, less bulky RODECaster Pro II, which includes additional functions not found in the original. It earns its moniker as ‘The All-Encompassing’ by being user friendly to, not just professional podcasters, but also online streamers, music producers, and everyone involved in audio editing

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Review: DJI Mini 3 Pro

The DJI Mini series has just been upgraded with its mouth-dropping addition, the DJI Mini Pro 3. Produced by a popular company known for its high-end quality drones, this new product doesn’t fall short with its advanced technology and compact size. This makes it useful for users who would like to avoid the hassle of drone registration as it falls under the sub-249g category. Apart from its size, the drone features a wider sensor, safer flight, better battery life, and improved image or video quality than its predecessor in...

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Review: LG G2 TV – A Fantastic Viewing Experience

Imagine being within the four walls of your room enjoying your favorite movie or show on a high standard tv with a fantastic viewing experience, amazing, right? Unequivocally, you need a tv with an outstanding on-screen design that complements the animated feeling you get while watching a movie. The kind of experience that keeps you on the edge of your seat or imprint in your mind! What about the overwhelming excitement that compels you to scream, at the moment your favorite sports team claims a victory? Here’s a tv...

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Review: Google Pixel Buds Pro

Google surprised the earbuds market by releasing the Google Pixel Buds Pro. This product comes with improved sound quality, strong battery life, and active noise cancellation. Its innovative design makes it comfortable and a perfect fit for your ears. The product comes with creative and unique features which you just have to keep reading to discover.

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Review: Google Pixel 6a – Best Budget Phone?

Are you worried about buying a phone with good specifications but not wanting to spend a large amount of money? Cast your burdens aside as Google brings a new model to the PixelA series, the Google Pixel 6a. It not only provides a low-cost device, but it also produces high-end smartphone performance with its in-house Tensor chip, its excellent camera, and vibrant design.

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