Review: Protecting your iPhone XS: We Reviewed 20 iPhone Cases

Mark Rogers

Choosing how you protect your Apple iPhone XS has never been harder, with hundreds of iPhone cases to choose from, it can be very confusing deciding between them all.

Phone cases today can be made from single, double, triple and even 5 layer construction using materials such as thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and polycarbonates (PC), one manufacturer in particular is even incorporating materials used for crash protection in motorcycle gear into their cases for superior drop protection.

When it comes to how well a phone case protects the phone, some manufacturers use a military grade drop test to prove how well their case works if the inevitable happens, it’s a test the US Department of Defense designed to ensure overall durability for the product to be combat worthy. For the test the manufacturer repeatedly drops a case with a phone in it from a height of 4ft onto 2-inch plywood over concrete. The case is dropped a total of 26 times, 6 times face down, 8 times on the corners, and 12 times on the edges. After every drop the phone case is inspected for any damage. Not every manufacturer uses this test and it can only used as a guide to how well a phone case protects your phone.

For some, choosing a new iPhone case can be as simple how it minimalistic it looks without detracting from the iPhones overall shape and how it feels in the hand, while for others it’s about protecting their investment, choosing the biggest and most protective case available and not worrying about how it looks or feels. Continue Reading

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