Review: Dyson Pure Cool Tower

Thomas McBride - April 8, 2019

For those of you the Northern Hemisphere, summer is right around the corner. With that, barbecue is on the way, maybe some pool or beach days, but most importantly: warm weather. One way to beat the heat, is the latest and greatest Dyson Pure Cool. If you are familiar with Dyson, you’ll recognize the Pure Cool immediately for it’s eye-catching design, plethora of easy to use tech features (including connected smart home tech), and stunning capability.

First of all, the Dyson Pure Cool follows in Dyson’s storied history of great design. While the engineered, industrial design with a nice balance between hard edges and rounded corners may not fit in an 1800’s museum, chances are it won’t look out of place in your living room or den. The Pure Cool comes in 3 colorways, White/Silver, Iron/Blue, and Black/Silver. The latter is a exclusive, and also my favorite. I love how the Pure Cool takes up relatively small floor space, yet has a presence that is undeniable and looks like it belongs in the MoMA. Continue Reading

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Review: Callaway GBB Epic Driver

Thomas McBride - February 11, 2018

If you know me, you know I love golf. When it comes to the best in the game, there is only one name that matters. Callaway. For the past couple of months there’s been a lot of chatter in the pro-golf scene about a driver that is supposed to be a “game changer.” The new driver is equipped with technology that is apparently revolutionary and golfers are excited to see the new tech. The mystery driver is none other than the Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic. I was ecstatic when Callaway reached out asking me to try it out, actually getting goosebumps when I received the message. There has been a great amount of hype surrounding the Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic line of drivers since rumors began some time ago. Much of this has to do with Callaway touting their breakthrough “Jailbreak Technology” as a huge jump in driver performance. There are two models in the line, the Standard Great Big Bertha Epic, and the Great Big Bertha Epic Subzero. Both Clubheads feature the coveted new Jailbreak Technology as well as Callaway’s premier Exo Cage Construction, which allows Callaway to incorporate more carbon fiber support into the design of the clubhead. This allows for weight to be redistributed to different areas of the clubhead in order to boost performance.

The standard Great Big Bertha Epic driver features a sliding track movable weight system which can be used to alter ball flight. The sliding track is similar in design to what was offered in Great Big Bertha from 2015 with a few slight differences. Namely, the weight in the track has been increased from 10 grams in the previous version, to 17 grams in the new version. The heavier weight will increase the effect it has on the ball flight, allowing for more correction for people who tend to miss left or right. The placement of the track has been changed as well. The 2015 version had the track positioned more in the heel compared to the new Epic, and it was great for golfers who missed to the right. The problem was that there really was not a setting that worked well for golfers whose miss was to the left. The placement of the track in the new Epic driver is more neutral, with equal heel and toe settings. This allows for similar heel settings to create the same draw biased ball flight from the previous model, while also providing an option for a toe setting that will create a fade biased ball flight. A heavier weight in the track, along with repositioning the track will help the new Epic Driver fit a wider range of golfers. This driver is available in clubheads that have 9, 10.5, and 13.5 degrees of loft. All utilize Callaway’s optifit hosel, which has different loft settings ranging from -1 to +2, along with a neutral and draw lie angle setting. Combined there are 8 different OptiFit settings to help further dial the player in.

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