OWC Mercury Elite Pro Mini – The Perfect Data Solution

External storage is an essential tool for the modern computer user to utilize. With the sizes of files rapidly increasing as the years go on, it’s imperative to have more storage to hold your precious data. Life is also very completed and accidents can happen. Backups of your important data are needed as your computer equipment can get lost, broken or stolen.  This is where the OWC Mercury Elite Pro Mini hard drive comes in. The OWC Mercury Elite Pro Mini provides users with the functionality of a conventional...

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Review: Roccat Burst Core Gaming Mouse

A Mouse for Gaming? Gaming mice are a dime a dozen these days. It seems most tech companies have their own brands and even sub brands within them. It can be extremely overwhelming trying to find one that completely fits your needs. Chances are when you bought your PC it came with a default mouse that covers all the bases, left click, right click, mouse wheel, etc… Why should you care about getting a gaming specific mouse or, more specifically, the Roccat Burst Core – Extreme Lightweight Optical Core...

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