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Could this be Apple’s next iPhone? The iPhone 6?

Sonny Dickson - February 13, 2014

We’ve heard numerous amounts of rumors about Apple’s next-gen iPhone, the iPhone 6. We’ve gotten our hands on some great photos of the iPhone’s rear casing in Space Grey– and just as always, it looks absolutely astonishing.

As some rumors suggest, the screen will in fact be bigger. The design will be like a cross between the current iPad Air and the iPod Touch. As shown in the pictures below, it will be definitely thinner than the current iPhone 5S.  I’m not 100% sure this is the real back housing, but I’ll be updating it as I get more information regarding it. Continue Reading

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First Photos of the Samsung Galaxy S5

Sonny Dickson - February 11, 2014

There’s been a leaked document floating around showing off Samsung’s latest Galaxy device, the Galaxy S5. This design has been sent to companies to create cases for their upcoming device.

As mentioned above, this is an official document meaning the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be as displayed in the picture. The phone will have a 5.25-inch display which is a little bigger than the current S4’s screen. Besides the small changes in the screen size, it seems like Samsung has decided to keep much of the phone the same. The main design difference is the reduction of the roundness of the edges. This means that Samsung is moving away from their “pebble” shaped phones, and replacing them with more utilitarian designs. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to be released on Feb. 24, but until then, stay tuned for more info! Continue Reading

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Hands-On With The iPhone 5C Logic Board

Sonny Dickson - September 9, 2013

What we have here are leaked images of the iPhone 5C logic board. The 5C is expected to be Apple’s budget model, sporting similar specs of the iPhone 5 but in a plastic shell. The logic board is slightly smaller than the one found inside the iPhone 5, but it does line up with the screw mounting points found inside the iPhone 5c shells that we have featured on our site previously. The slightly smaller logic board might point to a slightly bigger battery.

The leaked images look a lot like the leaked logic board said to belong to the iPhone 5s. Apple is expected to announce their new iPhones September 10th.

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High-Res Images of the iPhone 5S Fingerprint Scanners

Sonny Dickson - September 5, 2013

While we’ve already seen numerous leaks of various next-gen iPhone hardware, one thing that hasn’t been seen is the home button. While a pair of pictures made the rounds earlier today, all of the images so far have been fairly poor in quality. It’s time to fix that.

We’ve gotten our hands on dozens of sharp high-res images of the iPhone 5S home button hardware. Notably, the sensors and flex cable bear a remarkably different design when compared to the iPhone 5 home button – and even previous supposed 5S part leaks.

While the design differences have yet to be technically assessed, they could have a whole lot to do with the rumored biometric fingerprint scanner that numerous pundits and analysts have predicted. In fact, we’d count on it.

Take a look at the full gallery below, and let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments! Continue Reading

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Our Best Pictures Yet of the Champagne iPhone 5S

Sonny Dickson - August 31, 2013

For the first time ever, Apple is expected to release four separate color options for their next-gen iPhone when they unveil the device at their September 10th media event. However, with more choices than ever before, many may find it more difficult than ever to choose their favorite.

Between the new “champagne” option, with it’s subdued golden hue, the “graphite” version with its sleek, modern high-contrast palette, and the familiar silver & white and black & slate options, users are presented with a very daunting decision indeed. We think they all look fantastic!

We already know the gold iPhone 5S looks great – our previous photos bear record of that quite adequately. But we’re never satisfied with “good enough” at SonnyDickson

Take a look below, and let us know what you think by sounding off in the comments!

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First Photos of the Samsung Galaxy Note III Screen

Sonny Dickson - August 27, 2013

Just when you thought we were only posting iPhone parts, we’ve just gotten our hands on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Screen. The photos have been given to us by a trusted source in China who has had access to device parts in the past. The display of the Note 3 looks to be slightly bigger than its predecessor. One other notable feature is the reduction of bezels on the side of the device, making this phone mostly screen with little distraction otherwise. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is rumored to have its screen increased from 5.5 inches to 5.7 inches. Stay tuned for more part leaks!

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The First Part Leaks of the Grey or ‘Graphite’ iPhone 5S

Sonny Dickson - August 26, 2013

Up to this point, it has widely been reported that the iPhone 5S will only come in 3 colors: Gold, Slate, and white with silver trim. According to a new images we’ve obtained, however, it appears the iPhone 5S may also come in a 4th color – a grey or graphite color with a black trim. You can check out samples in the below gallery. This grey color could be more durable than the slate color, as the lighter the anodization, the easier it is to get to stick onto the aluminum. This new color could be Apple responding to the weak finish of the slate iPhone 5.

In addition, here are a few shots of the new grey color next to the gold iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5S screen assembly.

What are your thoughts? Would you buy a grey or graphite-colored iPhone 5S? Let us know in the comments!

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High-Quality Photos of Champagne iPhone 5S Rear Shell Surface + Screen

Sonny Dickson - August 24, 2013

Direct from our source in Apple’s Asian supply chain, we have an exclusive look at the iPhone 5s back housing in Champagne. On the outside, the 5s casing looks almost exactly like the iPhone 5 (besides the color and dual LED flash cutout). Like all “S” release devices, the changes are mostly internal and the iPhone 5s casing is no different. The first thing that we noticed upon inspection is that the screw mounting posts are in slightly different locations, this most likely points to a new logic board in the 5s featuring an A7 chip. Besides that, the case is very similar to the iPhone 5. Check out the pictures below and stay tuned for more part leaks in the future!

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Hands-On With The Red iPhone 5C Back Housing

Sonny Dickson - August 23, 2013

Just when you thought we were already up to our necks in iPhone part leaks, we’ve just gotten our hands on the red iPhone 5C. It’s just like the previous back housing leaks – except, of course, it is red!

A quick note on the red color. Many readers are saying the color seems more pink than it is red. This is true, but if you look at the launch of the 5th generation iPod Touch, the (PRODUCT) RED color looks like the same color, albeit more pink.

Could Apple launch the iPhone 5C as a (PRODUCT)RED edition?

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Up Close iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S – Screens Included!

Sonny Dickson - August 23, 2013

We’ve leaked iPhone 5C shells. We’ve leaked iPhone 5S shells. And now, direct from our sources within Apple’s supply chain, here they both are side by side, along with additional parts to add to the excitement!

You’re looking at our most extensive iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C part leak yet, with a variety of ribbon cables and components, including the entire intact casings, vibration motor, audio jack, SIM trays, the front and rear cameras, the mounts to attach all of the components to the casing, and more. Nearly everything except the logic board – even the screens!

Make of it what you will – this is the proverbial jackpot of iPhone hardware leaks. One thing’s for certain. September 10th cannot come fast enough! Continue Reading

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The Truth About the Black iPhone 5C

Sonny Dickson - August 22, 2013

Earlier this week, the Apple “blogosphere” went ablaze over the possibility of a black color option for Apple’s upcoming lower-cost iPhone, referred to by most as the iPhone 5C. The report, which included images of a supposed black iPhone 5C rear shell, originated from Chinese social network Weibo user Ban base de mango (as reported by PhoneArena, and again at BGR). 

The photos that accompanied the report (pictured above) even pictured the black rear shell next to Apple’s current iPhone 5. Unfortunately, while the pictures and accompanying tall-tale of a “news report” might seem interesting at first, there’s a tiny little problem with the report as a whole: it’s completely false.

We can exclusively confirm that not only will Apple not offer a black color option for the iPhone 5C when it is expected to go on sale next month, but in fact, they never planned a black color option in the first place. Continue Reading

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Complete Gallery of iPhone 5C Rear Housings

Sonny Dickson - August 19, 2013

You’ve seen most of these iPhone 5C parts leaked separately – now see them all in one place in one super-gallery of assorted leaked parts! In this gallery, you can see the red, yellow, green, blue and white iPhone 5c rear housings. If you are planning on buying one of these when it’s announced, feel free to use this guide to compare the colors so you don’t have to ask yourself that question on pre-order day. Not much more can be said about this collection. Enjoy!

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Hands-On With The Yellow iPhone 5C Back Housing

Sonny Dickson - August 14, 2013

Following the seemingly limitless number of iPhone 5C prototype pictures we’ve obtained and posted for your viewing pleasure, we’ve gotten our hands on something a little more interesting: A detailed hands-on video of a yellow iPhone 5C back housing! Not only does this further drive home the idea that the 5C will come in multiple colors – it also adds to the already vast amount of confirmation about the device’s design.

On the plastic backing, we find the expected cutouts for the headphone jack, camera and LED flash (which seems to be all-but-confirmed as a single-LED flash rather than a dual-LED flash).

Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 5c alongside the iPhone 5s on September 10th. Check out our exclusive video below – and as always, feel free to sound off with your own thoughts and opinions in our comments! Continue Reading

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New Photos Showing iPhone 5C Volume Buttons

Sonny Dickson - August 12, 2013

We have come across some clear photos of the volume buttons from the upcoming iPhone 5C. In the photos you can see the volume buttons alongside the power button and mute switch. These buttons have a similar shape to ones found in the iPad mini and the 5th generation iPod Touch, pointing to a design that looks similar to those devices.

The photos have been given to us by a trusted source in China who had had access to device parts.

The 5C will launch in a variety of colors including green, yellow, red and blue; as seen in the images. Is color variation enough to get you interested in Apples first attempt at a budget device? Continue Reading

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Hands-On With The Green iPhone 5C Back Housing

Sonny Dickson - August 11, 2013

Just when you thought we were already up to our necks in iPhone part leaks, we’ve just gotten our hands on the green back housing of the iPhone 5C. It’s just like the previous back housing leaks – except in green!

Apple’s always one to pay attention to even minor details – for instance, they’ve customized the color of the side volume buttons and mute buttons to better match the green shell.

Our full set of high-quality pictures of the green casing can be seen below. Enjoy – and don’t forget to comment if you have any thoughts of your own to add! Continue Reading

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Hands-On With The White iPhone 5C Back Housing

Sonny Dickson - August 8, 2013

We’ve managed to get our hands on a rear housing part for the iPhone 5C in white directly from our source in Apple’s Asian supply chain. As you can see, the part matches up well with numerous leaks regarding the device dating all the way back to April. This back shell featuring a design similar to the iPhone 3GS, but flatter. The plastic shell is mounted on a stainless steel backplate as well, making it very ridged. On the bottom, you can see that Apple is using speaker and microphone grill layout similar to the one found in the 5th generation iPod Touch.

The white shell gives us the best look yet at the details of the iPhone 5C’s designs. We hope you find our massive gallery of images as enlightening as we did! Continue Reading

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Hands-On With The iPhone 5C Back Housing in 5 Colors

Sonny Dickson - July 12, 2013

You’ve no doubt heard about Apple’s budget iPhone by now, widely referred to as the “iPhone 5C” by the media. You’ve undoubtedly read more rumors than you can shake a stick at, and endured more banter over the possibility than you can stand. Up to this point, it’s all been rumor and speculation, with nothing truly concrete to hold in your mind. Until now, that is.

How would you like to see what Apple’s rumored “budget” iPhone will actually look like for yourself? We’ve gotten our hands on what are almost certainly actual back housings meant for Apple’s budget iPhone. From the info we’ve received from reliable sources inside Apple’s supply chain, it appears that the device will be available in a variety of colors, and will be housed in a premium plastic casing.

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Leaked Parts Prove iPhone 5 Will Not Have NFC or a Fingerprint Scanner

Sonny Dickson - September 6, 2012

Last week the internet went into a tizzy about the possibility of the next generation iPhone including NFC. A picture of what appears to be the new iPhone display had been leaked with what appears to be a square bracket that could house an NFC chip.

There has also been a lot of talk about Apple including Authentec’s ‘Fingerprint Scanner’ solution as early as the next generation iPhone. Some people have speculated that the next iPhone would be too soon whilst others have said that Apples rush to purchase Authentec so quickly was a definite sign that it will be included as early as possible.

Today at I’ve have received more up to date pictures that show what is underneath the metal casing that supposedly housed the NFC chip and have received more detailed photos of the home button assembly. What does this mean?

I reached out to mendmyi’s Riki Baker who told me that the latest leaked pictures appear to show that there is indeed no NFC chip or fingerprint scanner included in what appears to be the complete front assembly but went on to say that Apple may well be keeping these features under lock and key until their announcement on September 12th.

With the introduction of Apple’s new ‘Passbook’ payment solution with iOS 6 and presumabely the next generation iPhone NFC and a Fingerprint Scanner would make perfect sense but looking at Apple and their incremental iPhone updates it may be too big an update in too short an amount of time.

We look forward to Apple’s announcement on September 12th.

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A First-Look Look at Xcode’s iPhone 5 Simulator

Sonny Dickson - August 8, 2012

It’s all but confirmed at this point that the next iPhone will have a larger screen. The question that remains is what will that mean for current iPhone apps that haven’t been optimized for the new display? We’ve gotten our hands on an iPhone 5 simulator hidden deep within Xcode to find out.

Interestingly, many apps automatically end up getting stretched out to fit the taller display – although some end up letter-boxed at the top and bottom. Also worth noting is the extra row of icons on the home screen. Take a look below and let us know what you think! Continue Reading

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How to Downgrade from iOS 3.1.3 Back to iOS 1.0

Sonny Dickson - November 19, 2011

Looking to take your iPhone back to the very first version of iOS? Well if you’re feeling a bit retro, here is a step-by-step break down for you of how to downgrade from iOS 3.1.3 Back to iOS 1.0. iOS 1 represents a look back in time to show how advanced the iPhone was back in 2007. Before the iPhone came out, smartphones were completely different. They all had very small screens and only a handful of them were touch screen. By looking back on iOS 1, you can see how much thought Apple put into creating the phone of the future. By downgrading, you get to relive some of that nostalgia. Keep in mind the App Store did not exist back then, so you will be limited to Apple’s built in apps. Continue Reading

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