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2019 Christmas Gift Guide

Mike Boyd

Here at we review hundreds of products throughout the year. As we approach Christmas here are our picks of the bunch for 2019.


AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods Pro

The benchmark in wireless in-ear headphones sits firmly with Apple and the new AirPods Pro. Super light-weight and with incredible sound dynamics, these will be the gift that keeps on giving for any audiophile in your life.

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It’s Back to The Future for Amazon Prime

Mike Boyd

It was a very smoky and hazy afternoon in early December when we attended the Amazon Prime Video Australia end of year party.

Held on the edge of Sydney Harbor this was a glimpse into what Amazon has achieved in the past two years since launching and more recently Amazon Prime and Amazon Prime Video.

At the entrance to the event sat the Amazon Tiny Holiday House – that has spent much of the week in the center of Sydney with no views – and now had arguably the most unique view of any home in Sydney. This is a promotional prize to be given away by Amazon later in the month. The Tiny Holiday House is on wheels and can be towed much  like a caravan – although from what we could see the House only slept one person.

Into the main marquee, and it was all about Amazon Prime. A huge area very sparsely decorated filled with advertising and media agency types, and partners of Amazon in Australia. Continue Reading

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Best iPhone 11 Cases

Ricardo Pirroni

That iPhone is a is a thing of beauty, it would be a shame if something happened to it!

No, that isn’t a threat but a sad reality. Jamming your phone in your pocket with keys or having it spring out of your grip when the barista calls your name when your double mint chocolate soy latte is ready is no laughing matter. But have no fear we have you and your iPhone 11 covered.

Here are some of our favorite case options.

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Step out in Style with These Super Thin iPhone 11 Cases

Om Patel

If you’ve ever purchased an iPhone, you’re probably familiar with the satisfaction that you get from unboxing your new device for the first time. The lid just slips off the box so smoothly and everything is perfectly covered in pristine plastic. You peel back these layers, pick up the phone and admire it’s sleek, minimalistic design. You want to keep your phone exactly like this forever…

…but the practical side of you comes to terms with the fact that you’ll probably need a case to protect it.

The problem is that most cases are funky, bulky and unattractive. They may offer the necessary protection, but you end up sacrificing form for function, and covering your iPhone with logos and patterns. But not any more… Continue Reading

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Revisiting ABC’s Lost — Is it Worthy of a Reboot?

Aimee Hooper

Before Game of Thrones took the top spot for the most divisive finale on TV, ABC’s famous series Lost left audiences with more questions than answers when it concluded back in 2010.

Now, considering that the outrage over the Thrones finale led to a whopping 1,729,600 signatures on a petition for a remake of the 8th season, is a Lost remake all that farfetched? Read on to find out if Lost is really worthy of a reboot! Continue Reading

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Dawn of the Connected Caravan

Ricardo Pirroni

When Head of Product Media Relations, Dirk Ellenbech decided to go on a caravanning tour to the UK he brought with him not only a shiny comfy camper van but also a slew of IoT and connected Vodafone products.

We caught up with Dirk, his wife, their dog and a camper van bristling with smart tech at Battersea Park in London.

One of the key features of this vehicle is security. With camper van theft and resale, a huge problem in Germany and across the EU, Dirk decided that a few optional extras were necessary.

the camper has Vodafone’s V-Auto autotracker installed with its companion phone app which will alert you, via GPS cleverness, if your vehicle isn’t quite where you thought you’d left it.

It also allows you to disable the engine when the vehicle is safely stopped. (And not while hurtling down an autobahn, in case you’re wondering!)
The autotracker also can also provide data on your driving, length of journey and directions taken, allowing the driver to adjust driving style or pick different routes.

Moving inside by unlocking the doors with another smartphone app we find more tech. A V-Home kit is installed with it’s infrared & standard sensors that detect movement during the day and night and can alert you of intruders or even fire, smoke or water damage via a smartphone app.

The V-Camera is also built in allowing Dirk and family to keep an eye on their four-legged friend, Hazel when they go to less dog-friendly places and have to leave her behind. Dirk told me that although 2-way communication is available through the system, Hazel isn’t keen and it’s purely used to make sure she isn’t getting up to anything she shouldn’t be.

And talking of four-legged friends, the camper isn’t the only thing that’s had a tech overhaul. Their dog Hazel has a V-Pet Tracker pod attached to her collar so her owners can keep an eye on her even if she can’t be seen. With Wifi Bluetooth and GPS you should be able to monitor your pet at all times via your smartphone.

Lastly but probably most usefully on long trips, is the Vodafone Gigacube wireless router, allowing the family to stream video and music to TV and devices while indoors. Of course you need to be in an area with network coverage but as Dirk says, it’s a whole lot easier than attempting to point a dish or an aerial in the right direction!

Though all the gear uses Vodafone sims, Dirk and family’s travels prove that it happily roams across various networks across Europe delivering safety security and entertainment on their travels. I’m sure they’ll have many miles of happy motoring.

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Welcome to 2014 – the Dawning of a New Year!

J.Glenn Künzler

I have been quite silent on technology since the launch of the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c. 2013 was a great year with technology but 2014 will be much better. As you know, I’m more interested now in fashion and cars, but doesn’t mean I will completely abandon the technology scene. I am still an Apple enthusiast, and am hoping to bring you sneak peeks every now and then of their latest products.

With the dawn of a new year will come the dawn of a newer, stronger, more diverse version of Just as one year evolves into the next, we also have evolved – and I think you’re really going to love the results of that evolution.

Technology is changing, as always – it’s one area of human development that’s guaranteed to change, often so quickly that it leaves even technology veterans’ heads spinning. New products are being developed, some will be leaked and some you will see here. Continue Reading

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2013 In Review: We Leaked our Asses Off Last Lear – Here’s the Proof!

J.Glenn Künzler

We had a pretty great year in 2013, at least as far as Apple-related leaks are concerned. Many of our photographic part leaks represented the first time the world had truly gotten a look at Apple’s new iPhone and iPad designs for 2013. To sum the matter up, we’ve broken down each of our leaks by category – First iPad, and then iPhone – to show you how we did.

Towards the end of 2013, Apple released the iPad Air and the iPad Mini with Retina. A month before iPad Air’s official release, I had received a couple of pictures of what was said to be the shell of the unreleased iPad Air. Its design was much similar to the iPad Mini. The iPad Mini was also shown two months before its released. I was able to get some pictures of its shell in Space Gray.

Here’s the full breakdown, month by month. Continue Reading

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