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Hands-On With a Secret Internal 3rd-Gen iPod Touch Prototype

I’ve just got my hands on an iPod Touch, running Apple’s Diagnostic Software. The Device has a Software labelled, Switchboard. Switchboard basically runs a self diagnosis to ensure the device has no problems. The back looks like chrome and, just like older iPods, scratches pretty easy. The volume buttons are on the side and the sleep/wake button is on the top. We have checked the serial number and its shows that it’s an iPod Touch (Late 2009) with 32GB of memory and features a rear camera which is oddly placed in...

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How to Access the Secret Hidden Panorama Mode in iOS

The trick to enabling the panorama mode in iOS 5 is as simple as editing a .plist file and writing it back to the device. The panorama software might be included in a future software update, but for now, it is actually a good way of taking very wide photos. We expect that the iPhone uses a combination of image detection and motion data taken from the gyroscope and accelerometer to stitch the pictures together to create one large image. Anyone running iOS 5 on a iPhone 4 can...

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How to Access the Hidden Autocorrect Bar on the iOS Keyboard

Apple has hidden its autocorrect keyboard as of right now, however, I tested it out and it works well. The autocorrect bar suggests words that you might be typing at that time, just like Android does. This could potentially be a new feature in later releases of iOS. If you can’t wait that long to have this great new feature, here’s how to enable it: Anyone running iOS 5 on an iPhone 4 can now access this hidden feature by following the steps below. Please Note: Modifying the OS is frowned...

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