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Review: Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon NEDU Watch

Ball is a brand that has a rich history spanning 130 years since its founding in 1891. Ball are based in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland but have roots in the USA having being founded in Ohio. Ball made a name for itself during the growth of railroads in the United States following a head-on collision between two trains in 1891. Founder Webb C. Ball set up tests and standards for all watches used on US trains to ensure timekeeping was accurate and to avoid future disasters. This became the railroad...

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Review: Microsoft Surface Laptop Go – The Tablet Killer.

When Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad in 2010 the mobile computing world went into a state of panic. They had seen first hand the impact the iPhone – with its revolutionary touch-screen power – had foisted upon the likes of Nokia and Blackberry. Thankfully in the years that have passed, the likes of HP, Lenovo and Microsoft have massively upped their laptop game and now make some very powerful and portable PCs available today. We’ve been using the Microsoft Surface Laptop Go for a few weeks now and its...

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Review: Sonnet eGFX BreakAway Box 550-750 – Tech on Steroids

External Graphics Processing Unit What is an EGPU? Who needs one? And why are the Sonnet eGFX BreakAway Box 550 through 750 incredible? In this article, we want to bypass all the geek bench references and the misunderstandings of speed test comparisons with graphics cards, and just get down to what it does and why users (specifically Mac Users) may want to purchase one. 

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Review: ASUS ROG Strix Helios Gaming Case

When you’re building a custom PC, one of the most important parts to consider is the case. There are several variables to keep in mind, including the airflow, noise levels, material, and the overall design. Whether you’re looking to build a high-end system or just a basic PC, the case is what houses everything that your computer will need in order to function. There are hundreds of cases available, but an excellent choice is the ASUS ROG Strix Helios — especially if you’re loyal to the ASUS Republic of...

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Review: Empire of Sin – Living the Mobster Life

It took twenty years for Romero Games to release the highly anticipated Empire of Sin, and all we can say is that it was worth the wait. Set against the gin, guns, and glamour of 1920s Chicago, Empire of Sin is the kind of video game that has plenty to offer. Much like Chicago in the 1920s, Empire of Sin is a flawless mix between a tactical shooter and a business simulator. It’s on a genre of its own and it isn’t difficult to see why it has received...

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Review: Anker Power Essentials

Ah! The iPhone 12! The latest and greatest iPhone has been released, with mind-blowing features and enhancements that, as usual, set Apple terabytes apart from many other competitors. We’re talking 5G, OLED, the fastest chip in a smartphone – the A14 Bionic, and no charger <insert record scratch sound effect here, follow by awkward silence>. Yup, that’s right. No charger or EarPods whatsoever. Nope. Chances are, when you first unboxed your glorious new iPhone, this disappointing record scratch moment was probably followed by some head scratch confusion. You were...

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Review: Nebula Capsule Max – Bigger and Brighter, But With Some Big Tradeoffs

A while back, we took a close look at Anker’s popular Capsule – a highly portable projector in a very small package aiming to transform the pocket projector from a strict business tool into a serious multimedia device – and overall, we were quite pleased. Today, we will be taking a look at a highly updated, brighter, and more powerful model released as a successor — the Nebula Capsule Max! The Max takes the capsule in a slightly different direction with a significantly larger form factor, bigger and louder...

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CES 2021: The Future of Technology is Here!

The CES event presentation comes to us annually, and the anticipation prior to the convention is always speculation on who will bring the newest and greatest tech from around the world. Although 2020 caused everyone to struggle and was a difficult year globally, we can now have hope in the future and allow 2021 to bring in some light as the year begins. 

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Review: Borderlands 3 – A Lot to Loot and Shoot

Gearbox Software has returned to its most successful franchise by releasing Borderlands 3. This visually stunning, Max Max-like game offers more than just nostalgia. With a thirty-hour campaign, amusing narratives, and a diverse array of weaponry, Borderlands 3 is easy a step above its predecessors. We were first treated to the post-apocalyptic, “loot and shoot” game back in 2009, and since then, Borderlands has become one of the most popular RPG shooters to ever grace our consoles. In September of 2019, Gearbox Software released the fourth installment, Borderlands 3,...

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Review: The Twelve South StayGo – Multi-port Wonder

Today’s laptops are faster, lighter, and sleeker. The only problem? It seems like most laptop manufacturers are forgetting one small yet incredibly important feature: USB ports. The Twelve South StayGo USB-C Hub addresses this age-old problem by offering users not one, not two, but eight ports. The StayGo Hub is perfect for those who can remember the days when laptops came with USB-A, Ethernet, and HDMI ports. With this compact device, you will never run out of ports again. Is the Twelve South StayGo USB-C Hub what your laptop...

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Review: TCL 10 5G UW

Budget phones are a product that can often be hit or miss. Depending on the seller, manufacturers, as well as current innovations in the technological field, you could be getting a nicely-made steal or a cheap disappointment. When it comes to separating the wheat from the chaff, it can be difficult to tell for yourself which phones are winners and which are duds without first purchasing them, especially with newer phones that have not circulated around the market long enough to have reached a general opinion consensus with consumers....

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Review: Eve Cam – The Privacy-Conscious Indoor Security Camera

The phrase “security camera” is generally a two-edged sword in the IoT (Internet of Things) world. While the intended purpose of such a product is to secure the surroundings within a camera’s view, quite the opposite can happen in the background. The smallest vulnerability in the camera’s software can be exploited by hackers, compromising the integrity of the video feed being captured, as well as exposing other devices on the network. These concerns prevent many from enjoying the security that such a device can provide. Eve Cam claims to...

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Review: Wonder Woman 1984’s Phenomenal Cast Carry A Complicated Story

After a bit of a struggle to find their footing, DC has been having a much better time in the movie playing field as of late. Films like Wonder Woman, Shazam, and Joker have proven that there’s room for superheroes other than Marvel on the big screen, and they don’t all have to act like Batman. The issue then became one of finding identity; since Marvel had such a strong cultural hold on the superhero blockbuster, it was imperative for DC movies to find their own brand of storytelling...

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Review: Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone – All-in-One Retrieval Tool

Your iPhone may be equipped with the latest file security systems, but file corruption and data loss can still occur without warning. The lost data can include crucial information enough to ruin a work presentation or priceless photos of your child’s birthday. Having a reliable recovery software at the ready can help you avoid losing your precious files for good. Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone is a convenient tool to retrieve lost, corrupt, or overwritten files on any iPhone or iPad. Staying true to Apple’s clean and simple interface,...

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Review: Hisense H6570G 4K UHD Smart Android TV

There are so many brands and models of televisions in this world, but what makes them different, and can there actually be a low cost, high quality, 4K solution, entry-level TV? Let’s dive in and find out! Time is a valuable asset when it comes to technology. It shows how each company has grown and advanced, but also gives confidence to its consumers. The company Hisense has been around for a long time. In 1969, their first product was a shortwave/broadcast radio built under the name Red Lantern. Almost...

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Review: Oculus Quest 2 – The VR Headset Everyone Needs

The Oculus Quest 2 came at the perfect time. Released in October 2020, the VR headset arrived when people needed it most. With most of the globe on lockdown, it provided users with the chance to explore without leaving the safety of home. The all-in-one gaming system from Oculus is the predecessor to the original Oculus Quest headset which gained massive popularity in 2019 — less than a year from its successor’s release. With the Oculus Quest 2, players can expect the same effortless and immersive gaming experience, but...

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Review: Nokia 225 4G Feature Phone – A Life-Long Hero for Many

Not much more than a decade ago, Nokia simply dominated the mobile phone marketing globally. In 2005 one in every two mobile phones (50%) sold on the planet was a Nokia. By 2013 that was down to three in every hundred (3%). That January day in 2007 when Steve Jobs walked on stage and changed the world was the tipping point. Anyone under the age of 20 will find it almost incomprehensible to think of a time when mobile phones were not powerful, touchscreen extensions of our very being....

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