Review: Logitech Pro X 2 LIGHTSPEED Headset
Comfort Redefined - A Closer Look at the Pro X 2 Design!
Do you ever find yourself yearning for the perfect blend of comfort, style, and stellar audio quality in a pair of sport earbuds? Look no further than the Anker Soundcore AeroFit and AeroFit Pro, the latest innovation in open-ear design. These state-of-the-art earbuds promise to elevate your active lifestyle, offering air-like comfort, a secure fit,...
Alright, fasten your seatbelts for a journey into the enchanting realm of wireless microphones! Because, let’s be honest, nobody wants to grapple with cringe-worthy, choppy, or muffled audio, especially when shooting for pro-level recordings. While there are some decent options out there, guess who’s elevating the game to a whole new level of audio excellence?...
Review: Fifine AM8 Microphone, The Budget-Friendly Do-All Mic
Fifine’s Budget Microphone Can Do It All
In the world of audio recording, a high-quality microphone can make all the difference. Whether you’re a seasoned musician, a budding podcaster, a gamer trying to communicate well, or a content creator looking to upgrade your audio game, the Fifine AM8 microphone might have caught your attention. Known for offering budget-friendly alternatives without sacrificing quality,...
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Review: ESR 15W Car Charger with MagSafe and CryoBoost
A Cool and Magnetic Solution for In-Car Wireless Charging
In our fast-paced day to day travel, staying connected has become paramount. The reliance on technology is greater than ever, and it’s imperative to have reliable and efficient charging solutions at our fingertips. The introduction of MagSafe technology has ushered in a new era of convenience in wireless charging, eliminating the need for tangled cables...
The Kia EV6 GT: Combining Top-Notch Performance and Everyday Practicality
EVs don't come with any more performance and practicality
The Kia EV6 GT is an extraordinary vehicle that exemplifies the fusion of performance and utility. It's a car that will revolutionise your understanding of EVs and their daily practicality. The Kia EV6 GT isn't merely another entrant in the electric vehicle sector. It's an innovative, trend-defining standard for upcoming electric models.
The electric car revolution in Australia has been steadily gaining momentum. We’ve been closely monitoring the rise of electric cars in Australia as the numbers exceed 150,000 on our roads. The adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) has been slower compared to other developed countries, but the tide is definitely turning. A combination of increasing environmental...
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Wow, just when I thought Lenovo’s last laptop couldn’t be topped, they’ve gone and raised the bar even higher. The Yoga Book 9i (13″ Intel) is not just another laptop; it’s a breakthrough. The phrase “endless possibilities” doesn’t even begin to cover it. With this innovative dual-screen design, Lenovo is set to redefine how we...
Cooler Master has long been a prominent player in the world of PC cooling solutions, consistently delivering products that balance performance, aesthetics, and affordability. The Cooler Master MA824 Stealth CPU cooler is another in a long line of great products, promising advanced thermal management with a focus on minimizing noise. In this review, we’ll delve...
Immersing oneself in the realm of digital animation has always been the dream of every artist, a realm where creative visions take flight and stories come to life. Yet, the daunting prospect of mastering complex software often serves as a barrier between imagination and realization. How, then, can we bridge this gap and turn these...
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It’s been a long time since Ubisoft introduced its last installment in the Prince of Persia series. Obviously, one can wonder why they abandoned such a great title, despite the warmly welcomed and generally praised Prince of Persia 3-D games. Well, maybe it’s because of the present trends, which are not too fond of 10-hour...
In a world dominated by screens, the strain on our eyes has become more prevalent than ever. Whether you’re a dedicated gamer, a graphic artist, or just spend long hours in front of a computer, finding ways to alleviate eye fatigue is crucial. Gunnar Optiks, a trailblazer in the realm of computer and gaming glasses,...
Anthology of Fear – An Amazing Spine-Chilling Adventure Anthology of Fear is a recently published Polish horror game. What’s interesting, a single person who, later on, joined forces with the 100 Games team created the whole project. Is it worth playing? Well, let’s see. First and foremost, I have to mention that the game has...
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Who is Poco? A question resonating with tech enthusiasts and dreamers who dared to envision big. POCO isn’t just a brand; it’s a philosophy rooted in empowering the new generation. Shunning flashy gimmicks, it focuses on curating raw technology for smoother experiences. Now, meet the Poco X6 and X6 Pro – embodiments of POCO’s spirit,...
Placing my iPhone on the Starbucks counter drew intrigued glances. “Is that real carbon fiber?” the person behind the counter asked. “Yes, it actually is,” I confidently responded. “That looks cool, where did you get it?” he asked. I said, ‘Pitaka.com,’ and he promptly grabbed a scrap piece of paper, jotting down the website for...
Review: Scosche PowerUp 32K is Powerful Peace of Mind
Scosche Delivers a Solid Battery Bank
These days, low battery on your smartphone can cause a small panic! This growing reliance on smartphones and tablets has created a pressing need for portable power solutions that can keep our devices charged and ready for action. The Scosche PowerUp 32k is one such solution, a robust and versatile portable power bank designed to...
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Smart Home
Review: Reolink Duo 2 Wi-Fi Security Camera: Expand your horizon with a 180º Panoramic field of view
Seamless Connectivity and Advanced Surveillance for Your Peace of Mind
Reolink have been creating advanced security products since 2009. Although aimed at both Domestic and Commercial customers, their range of security cameras are most popular among homeowners who may wish to consider a highly-specced product that also represents good value for money.
Indoor air quality is a critical aspect of our overall well-being, and the Sensibo Elements Air Monitor promises to be your vigilant guardian for healthier living spaces. In an era where we’re increasingly aware of the importance of clean air, this compact device aims to provide real-time insights into your indoor air quality. This comprehensive...
Review: Switchbot Home Security System
Protecting What Matters Most To You
The inception of Switchbot began in 2016 with a simple thought. This intangible idea blossomed into an array of products designed to ease the transition to smarter living. By automating some of the tedious aspects of modern life, Switchbot aims to integrate technological developments into our homes. This review focuses on the SwitchBot Pan/Tilt Cam...
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Review: Enhance Your Apple Watch with Pitaka Bands
A Fusion of Style and Functionality
The Apple Watch has revolutionized the way we perceive smartwatches, seamlessly blending technology and fashion. One crucial aspect of the Apple Watch experience is the wristband – it’s not just a functional accessory but a statement of personal style. Introducing Pitaka, a renowned brand celebrated for its innovative and high-quality tech accessories. The Pitaka Apple...
The Archimede Pilot 200 is an exceptional watch that combines style, functionality, and durability. From the moment you lay your eyes on it, you’ll be captivated by its sleek and elegant design, which is both classic and modern at the same time.
What began as basic devices for time-keeping, have now morphed into compact powerhouses that help us monitor our health, oversee our schedules, and in certain instances, even take the place of our smartphones. What's even more impressive? They accomplish all these tasks while maintaining an impeccable appearance - much like the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 and Watch5 Pro.
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