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The Mystery of MediMac: Apple’s Secret Internal Support Team!

Deep inside the structure of Apple Inc, there is a small division called MediMac. Seemingly sounding like a repair shop for Macs, it is in fact quite a different beast.  It is where Apple develops, tests and perfects all of their prototypes. MediMac is designed to assist the select few who are given Apple prototypes. MediMac is more than just a help desk, once an idea has been conceptualized and given to hardware to make the components, MediMac takes over and plays an important role in the forming and...

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Hands-On With The iPhone 5C Back Housing in 5 Colors

You’ve no doubt heard about Apple’s budget iPhone by now, widely referred to as the “iPhone 5C” by the media. You’ve undoubtedly read more rumors than you can shake a stick at, and endured more banter over the possibility than you can stand. Up to this point, it’s all been rumor and speculation, with nothing truly concrete to hold in your mind. Until now, that is. How would you like to see what Apple’s rumored “budget” iPhone will actually look like for yourself? We’ve gotten our hands on what...

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Expose Apple’s Secret Hidden Debug Settings in iOS

Looking for a cool way to sneak your way into hidden settings in iOS? We’ve released a number of .mobileconfig files which allow users of non-jailbroken iPhones to enable certain debugging options which have previously been unavailable. These debug options are usually only available to Apple engineers and other Apple employees, and aren’t typically available for end users. SonnyDickson.com readers aren’t typically end users, however – so we’ve decided to offer you access to these settings also (use at your own risk, of course)! The configuration files are available...

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Hands-On With Apple’s Unique Dual-Microphone iPad Mini Prototype

According to our sources, Apple had originally planned to incorporate what appears to be a second microphone in the recent version of the iPad mini. The photo’s below shows the prototype iPad mini with an extra hole centered atop the rear of the device. It is unclear as to why Apple withheld the second microphone from the final product release, my guesses would be that it was axed out to cut down on cost, or to be preserved for a future generation iPad mini. The current generation iPad mini...

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A Close-Up Look at Apple’s Never-Before-Seen Internal “MMI” Software (Captured from an iPad 2 Prototype)

Apple is about as meticulous about leak control as a dentist is about a patient brushing their teeth. There is no better way to exemplify Apple’s precautions than to show something that has been in captivity for quite some time. Apple’s SwitcherBoard app is well-hidden, it was recently removed from the Apple Store and it is now hidden with link-only availability that can only be only downloaded with certain keychains and a specified VPN.

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Take a Look at Apple’s Secret Internal Training Video for Authorized Service Providers!

Authorized Service Providers are one of the strongest parts of the history of the Mac – before Apple started building their own retail stores, authorized service providers were the only place you could go to have your Apple computers repaired, but what exactly do those friendly technicians have to go through before they’re allowed to work on your Apple device? We’ve gotten our hands on one of the secret training videos used to initiate technicians at Apple Authorized Service Providers, including the ideas and values they are expected to...

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Leaked Parts Prove iPhone 5 Will Not Have NFC or a Fingerprint Scanner

Last week the internet went into a tizzy about the possibility of the next generation iPhone including NFC. A picture of what appears to be the new iPhone display had been leaked with what appears to be a square bracket that could house an NFC chip. There has also been a lot of talk about Apple including Authentec’s ‘Fingerprint Scanner’ solution as early as the next generation iPhone. Some people have speculated that the next iPhone would be too soon whilst others have said that Apples rush to purchase Authentec...

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A First-Look Look at Xcode’s iPhone 5 Simulator

It’s all but confirmed at this point that the next iPhone will have a larger screen. The question that remains is what will that mean for current iPhone apps that haven’t been optimized for the new display? We’ve gotten our hands on an iPhone 5 simulator hidden deep within Xcode to find out. Interestingly, many apps automatically end up getting stretched out to fit the taller display – although some end up letter-boxed at the top and bottom. Also worth noting is the extra row of icons on the...

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Hands-On With a Secret Internal 3rd-Gen iPod Touch Prototype

I’ve just got my hands on an iPod Touch, running Apple’s Diagnostic Software. The Device has a Software labelled, Switchboard. Switchboard basically runs a self diagnosis to ensure the device has no problems. The back looks like chrome and, just like older iPods, scratches pretty easy. The volume buttons are on the side and the sleep/wake button is on the top. We have checked the serial number and its shows that it’s an iPod Touch (Late 2009) with 32GB of memory and features a rear camera which is oddly placed in...

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