Review: BMW M3 Touring – One of the all-time great BMW M cars
This estate car is one of the all-time greats from BMW.
The highly anticipated M3 Touring has been eagerly awaited, and BMW's competitors have enjoyed the market exclusively until now. BMW has executed this car flawlessly, catching its rivals off guard with a powerful impact they may not even see coming.
The Kia EV6 GT: Combining Top-Notch Performance and Everyday Practicality
EVs don't come with any more performance and practicality
The Kia EV6 GT is an extraordinary vehicle that exemplifies the fusion of performance and utility. It's a car that will revolutionise your understanding of EVs and their daily practicality. The Kia EV6 GT isn't merely another entrant in the electric vehicle sector. It's an innovative, trend-defining standard for upcoming electric models.
The electric car revolution in Australia has been steadily gaining momentum. We’ve been closely monitoring the rise of electric cars in Australia as the numbers exceed 150,000 on our roads. The adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) has been slower compared to other developed countries, but the tide is definitely turning. A combination of increasing environmental...
The automobile industry has witnessed significant expansion and transformation, with a notable aspect being the re-imagination of luxury sedans. These vehicles not only serve as a means of transportation from one location to another but also offer an unparalleled experience during the transit. The latest BMW 330i carries that torch into the future.
Review: The Electrified Genesis G80: A Pioneering Fusion of Luxury and Economy
The harmonious fusion of luxury and economy in an EV.
The Genesis Electrified G80 is an absolutely stunning EV, merging superior performance, exquisite design, and advanced technology seamlessly. It stands as a shining beacon of Hyundai Group's unwavering dedication to innovation, environmental sustainability, and a vision for a future where opulence doesn't cost the earth.
Review: Mahindra XUV700 – India’s Global SUV for Australia
India's Mahindra enters the global mid-sized SUV market with the XUV700. A strong performer with an impressive list of standard equipment and safety features. This is a 7-seat SUV that's certainly worth considering.
Undeniably, EVs are revolutionising the motoring landscape, and a standout advancement in this rapidly growing sector is the Hyundai IONIQ 5. This vehicle provides a refreshing perspective on the much-loved hatch concept.
Review: BMW X1 xDrive20i – Explore The City and Beyond
The X1 is a testament to BMW's commitment to luxury and innovation. Packed with advanced technology features, this SUV provides a seamless and intuitive driving experience. Moreover, the safety features of this fantastic vehicle ensure that your family is always protected on the road.
Review: Hyundai Kona N SUV – Firecracker on Four Wheels
The jacked-up hot hatch with real road presence.
The Hyundai Kona N stands out as a compact SUV, boasting a shared platform with the standard Kona while incorporating substantial enhancements to the engine, suspension, brakes, and aerodynamics. This remarkable SUV is fueled by a 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine, generating a tonne of power and torque. Additionally, it features an eight-speed N spec DCT automatic transmission and all-wheel drive as standard. This SUV pops off!