Undeniably, EVs are revolutionising the motoring landscape, and a standout advancement in this rapidly growing sector is the Hyundai IONIQ 5. This vehicle provides a refreshing perspective on the much-loved hatch concept.
Hot hatch enthusiasts, brace yourselves! The Hyundai i30 N Drive-N Limited Edition is here and it's worth every bit of the hype. This hot hatch is a performance beast that will make you feel alive with its precise steering and sharp engine response. This hot hatch also looks the part, with its sporty exterior design and performance upgrades. If you're in the market for a hot hatch read on...
Thanks to a recent update, the Kia Cerato GT is a genuine contender in ultra-competitive 5-door hatchback market. Very well built and furnished with comfort and practicality, you'll kick yourself if you don't at least have a drive.
As Hot-Hatches go, it's very hard to go past one that is this pretty and great to drive every day of the week. The Renault Megane R.S. Trophy takes the fight right up to its competitors with clever tech right out of Formula 1.
I’m very partial to a small, well-appointed hatchback. The class-leaders give back to their drivers with luxury and appointment aplenty.
Gaps in the market are tough to find these days. Mazda has done a brilliant job with the CX-30. I'm just not sure which gap it fills.
Within a couple of hours I was out of a Nissan Leaf and into the Hyundai IONIQ Premium. Back to back from one all-electric 5 door hatch-back into another. The perfect comparative environment. My initial thinking was that these two EVs would be on the whole pretty much the same. They are both EVs, yes...
I’ve always loved the 5-door hatch-back. Back in my youth, the Honda Civic was a favourite. My own car today is a Volkswagen Golf. A great combination of useable space, thrifty economics in terms of running costs, and occasionally a great drive when the moment and environment is right. As a result I was very...