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Review: AOC AGON Pro AG274QZM Gaming Monitor
Immersive Features for an Unmatched Viewing Experience!
If you are a serious gamer who is always looking for a competitive edge, the AOC AGON 4 Pro AG274QZM 27" 4K HDR 240 Hz Gaming Monitor might be the perfect addition to your gaming setup. With its stunning 4K resolution, HDR compatibility, lightning-fast 240 Hz refresh rate, and it has built-in speakers, this monitor promises to deliver the ultimate gaming experience. In this article, we'll take a closer look at this monitor, exploring its features, both positive or negative, so that you can make an informed decision before purchasing.
When it comes to screen real-estate the typical response it to go wider, not taller. That's where LG has been thinking vertically and come out with the 28" DualUp Monitor. Think of it as two 21.5" sitting on top of each other. More really can be more.
Whether as a professional producer, content creator or ‘just a hobby’ gamer, when it comes to displays, we are challenged with a question. Which monitor is the best for me? Which one will bring my work to life and give authenticity to my projects or game plans. Now colleagues, let’s all sit back and welcome...
When choosing the right monitor for you and your specific setup there are a number of factors that you have to keep in mind. The first thing to nail down is what the main purpose of the monitor will be for. I’m someone who uses my PC for both my job and also for gaming....
Not all monitors are created equal. This new 27-inch QHD example from AOC proves that with the help of Studio F.A. Porsche stylishness and functionality can co-exist harmoniously at a very competitive price-point.
Many newbies in the creative world think that “color accurate monitors” are for videophile snobs. What’s the big deal if colors are just a little off? It doesn’t really matter, does it? People can’t really tell the difference enough… right? Wrong. So very wrong.
As digital media and content design have become more mainstream thanks to platforms such as Canva and Sketch, so does the need for high-resolution, high-function displays. The BenQ 4K UHD display certainly lives up to the company’s corporate vision: “Bringing Enjoyment-N-Quality to Life” to users of its products.