Syberia: The World Before – Back to the Roots One could think that the golden era of the point-and-click adventure genre was over a long time ago. Nevertheless, gems like Siberia: The World Before show us that there is still a lot to be taken off this slightly dusty shelf with mind-blowing results. Most of...
Review: Tomb Raider: Lara Croft’s Switch Debut
A Co-op Adventure Worth Unearthing
The Nintendo Switch has long awaited the arrival of Lara Croft, and while “The Lara Croft Collection” isn’t the traditional Tomb Raider experience, it brings a unique and enjoyable co-op adventure to the console.
Review: Gunbrella – amazing platform game with running and shooting
A blast from the past, with an eye to the future
I accidentally came across Gunbrella. A friend of mine told me about it during a lunch break. I thought it was going to be another title in the 8-bit stylized genre, which, is usually amusing for an hour or two, and then you just forget all about it. Little did I know I was judging...
Fans of snowboard games, who used to beat the crap out of Cool Boarders on their original PlayStation back in the 90s, had to come a long way to get another masterpiece of their favorite genre. Despite the fact that, in the meantime, many skateboarding games came out (titles like Session, Tony Hawk series, etc.),...
Have you ever wondered how it would be if you were in Ash William’s shoes? If that’s the case, I advise you to get a hold of the freshest Evil Dead: The Game. Despite some issues with the gameplay and some gear-grinding details, it’s definitely worth trying. It’s about time to put my Nintendo Switch...
Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a game that has been highly anticipated by fans of the Zelda franchise. The game is set in the upper and lower lands of Hyrule, where the player takes on the role of Link, a young hero who must save the kingdom from the evil forces that threaten to...
Grand Mountain Adventure is an outstanding skiing game the world has never seen. This time, developers take a different approach, and make the most out of isometric style view combining it with the changing angle. There are not many sports games like that, since most of them use the third person perspective.
Gotham City faces dreadful times, as its protector Batman meets his destiny after the heroic fight against Ra’s al Ghul. Is there anyone with enough balls to take up a fight with Batman’s strongest antagonists, including Freeze and Penguin? Luckily for Gotham, here come Wayne’s sidekicks, who call themselves Gotham Knights.
Hi-Fi RUSH stands out from the crowd as a title, which came out right after everybody heard about it. Let us get down to some rhythmic robot clash! The Tango Gameworks team is also responsible for Evil Within and Ghostwire Tokyo. So, I guess, everybody would expect a scary game, right? Not this time! Hi-Fi RUSH is a colorful, rhythmic fighting game consisting of a decent story, and a whole bunch of rock hits.