Hi-Fi RUSH stands out from the crowd as a title, which came out right after everybody heard about it. Let us get down to some rhythmic robot clash! The Tango Gameworks team is also responsible for Evil Within and Ghostwire Tokyo. So, I guess, everybody would expect a scary game, right? Not this time! Hi-Fi RUSH is a colorful, rhythmic fighting game consisting of a decent story, and a whole bunch of rock hits.
Well, Sniper 5 Elite may seem a bit outdated and irritating, but still it’s a masterpiece. Once again, Rebellion Studio has really risen to the challenge.
Apparently, nobody expects the Spanish inquisition, and, what is more likely, nobody has expected the comeback of one of the more intriguing series straight from Sony Ps2 times. This game has taken the gameplay from Devil May Cry and mixed it with a FPS shooter style. Does Gungrave G.O.R.E. do the trick as it used...
Four years ago, I came across Dakar 18. The game was pretty mediocre, and didn’t do too well. Personally, I didn’t like it. Although, it had decent mechanics and large open spaces of South America, the driving model was slightly annoying. One could’ve had the impression that there’s a lot to improve. However, this time...
It barely happens that the same developers try to create another remake of the same masterpiece. The exceptional case of XIII shows that everybody makes mistakes, and sometimes it’s best to learn the hard way. This comic book game has come a long way to become one of the best fps single player shooters in...
Do you know how to do an Ollie? Wanna learn it? If so, Session Skate Sim can make you feel like skating by holding the pad. However, it’s not going to be easy. If you were looking for a real simulator, this one would definitely satisfy you.
Elex 2 stands for a direct continuation of its predecessor, which means you will regularly come across the known post-apocalyptic terrains and the NPC’s known from the previous title, who either tried to help you or made your life miserable. 
It’s about time to take part in peculiar ‘death games’ organized in a dystopian, futuristic reality. Skate for survival and enjoy this unique styled artwork and design, while gliding through intense rollerblading gameplay. Let yourself dive into Rollerdrome, a driving school with no handlebar!
This version of Microids/Eden Games production looks promising: over 50 real cars with enhanced steering, realistic configurations, campaign mode, new local and online multiplayer options… Maybe, it’s not perfect, however, this game definitely stands out from the crowd.