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Category: Accessories
Are you tired of the constant worry about your brand new iPhone 15 Pro Max getting damaged? With the ever-increasing reliance on our smartphones, a sturdy and reliable case becomes a necessity rather than a luxury. ZAGG, a well-known name in the accessories industry, brings a new lineup of cases specifically designed for the iPhone...
Who is Poco? A question resonating with tech enthusiasts and dreamers who dared to envision big. POCO isn’t just a brand; it’s a philosophy rooted in empowering the new generation. Shunning flashy gimmicks, it focuses on curating raw technology for smoother experiences. Now, meet the Poco X6 and X6 Pro – embodiments of POCO’s spirit,...
Placing my iPhone on the Starbucks counter drew intrigued glances. “Is that real carbon fiber?” the person behind the counter asked. “Yes, it actually is,” I confidently responded. “That looks cool, where did you get it?” he asked. I said, ‘,’ and he promptly grabbed a scrap piece of paper, jotting down the website for...
Review: Scosche PowerUp 32K is Powerful Peace of Mind
Scosche Delivers a Solid Battery Bank
These days, low battery on your smartphone can cause a small panic! This growing reliance on smartphones and tablets has created a pressing need for portable power solutions that can keep our devices charged and ready for action. The Scosche PowerUp 32k is one such solution, a robust and versatile portable power bank designed to...
Review: UGREEN Nexode 300W USB C GaN Charger-5 Ports Desktop Charger
Harnessing GaN Innovation: A Multi-Port Charger with Fast Intelligent Charging
If you’re anything like me, a cluttered desk is something to be avoided at all costs. Yet, in today’s tech-driven world, we rely on an array of gadgets that need constant power. In response to this challenge, UGREEN, a renowned name in the realm of innovative tech accessories, has introduced the Nexode 300W USB C...
In today’s smartphone market, where big names often reign supreme, one device dares to challenge the status quo. The Aspera AS8, a masterpiece that streamlines style, performance, longevity, and affordability into a compatible ensemble of refinement. Highly praised for its comprehensive 4G convenience, the AS8 isn’t just a phone; it’s an emblem of techno-economic revolution....
Make Dad's day this Father's Day with some fantastic car or office tech, with these gems from JOURNEY.
With the introduction of AS8, Aspera Mobile has significantly elevated standards in the budget smartphone segment. This model, a 4G-enabled unlocked device only costs $149. The AS8 flaunts a multitude of sophisticated features like face recognition, fingerprint authentication and NFC.
Review: Be Travel Ready with Belkin
We all love to travel, and for a while there we weren't sure when we might be wheels up again. Well, you can worry no more and Belkin will have you covered with the latest powerful accessories to keep you fully charged.