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Review: Elegoo Saturn S 4K 3D Printer – Dream it and Print it Bigger

The Elegoo Saturn S is the successor to the Saturn, which was the first LCD 3D printer with a monochrome LCD from Elegoo. After just a year on the market, Elegoo have updated the popular Saturn model with the new Saturn S. For individuals who require extra printing volume, medium resin printers are perfect. The printers are equally as reliable and perform exactly the same as the smaller ones. Both the Elegoo Saturn and the new Saturn S are solid choices for a midsize resin printer.

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Review: Elegoo Neptune 2S 3D Printer – High Quality, Low Price

Unless you haven’t been paying attention, 3d printing has really exploded on the maker and hobbyist scene over the last 5 years and has grown way past being a super-niche pastime. Fuelling the growth and penetration of 3d printers in the market place have been a slew of start up companies who are doing their utmost to make 3d printing ubiquitous and accessible to the general public. Elegoo is one of those who’s name has become synonymous with 3d printing. Founded in 2015 in Shenzhen, Elegoo made their name...

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Review: Eleegoo Mars 3 Ultra 4K 3D Printer

Have you ever dreamt of creating something 3-dimensional into existence? Well, it’s entirely possible with 3D printing today. 3D printing is one of the more revolutionary technologies of the 21st century because you can now convert any digital object into the real thing in almost no time. You can even cure many layers of resin within seconds. One of the top quality, customer preferred, 3D printing companies is Eleegoo. They have dominated the world with their ingenious design and incredibly fast resin 3D printers. Today we’re checking out the Elegoo Mars 3...

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