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It takes more than just a nice idea to turn a product into a business. First of all, the idea has to germinate in the mind and you have to find time to nurture it as it evolves, get over the procrastination that usually sets in, research has to be done to ascertain the existence...
Review: Swann Xtreem4K Wireless Camera & SwannBuddy4K Wireless Video Doorbell
A Security Camera and Doorbell all in a Compact Form
It can often seem like the market is flooded with all kinds of security products. Obscure manufacturers we’ve never heard of are eager to get their dubious products into our homes, some at knock-down prices which seem too good to be true. So, when a global leader like Swann launches a product, it would be...
Back in the day when life was played out on TV and cinema screens in black & white, if you asked anyone what they thought the future would be like, domestic robots would definitely be on the list. While we may still be far away from the dream of android-like robots co-habiting with us, technology...
Light. It’s all around us. We notice it bouncing off every surface from the moment we wake up, to when we turn in for the night. Light allows us to make sense of our surroundings. It can also control our emotions. Most of us take it for granted but light is truly underrated in my...
As part of my degree course in Graphic Design many moons ago, we were taught about Dutch and Scandinavian Design aesthetics. The clean and understated design ethos of the Dutch design movement continues to influence all aspects of design. This, almost clinical and minimalistic attitude is one of the outstanding features of the Zens Wireless...
You may have noticed a buzz surrounding Ring over recent years. The Ring Video Doorbell has become ubiquitous in almost every street in suburbia across the world, it seems. I recently heard the all-to-familiar Ring chime sound in my local supermarket several times. I observed shoppers checking their phones to see who had arrived at...
I’ve reviewed some Switchbot products before and I am familiar with the Eco System that all of their products are integrated with. So, I lept for joy when I got to review their K10+ Mini robot vacuum cleaner.
Have you ever wished to transform your living space into a mesmerizing symphony of lights, responding to your music or enhancing your gaming experience? The COLO PLAY Ultimate Fusion Kit promises to do just that and more. In this review, we’ll see all the features that make this kit stand out, exploring its capabilities, compatibility,...
Review: Reolink Duo 2 Wi-Fi Security Camera: Expand your horizon with a 180º Panoramic field of view
Seamless Connectivity and Advanced Surveillance for Your Peace of Mind
Reolink have been creating advanced security products since 2009. Although aimed at both Domestic and Commercial customers, their range of security cameras are most popular among homeowners who may wish to consider a highly-specced product that also represents good value for money.