Review: Aqara Sensor – Smart Home Must-Haves

More and more homeowners are choosing to enhance their home’s security and comfort through smart home systems. While smart devices were insanely pricey in the past, fortunately, they’ve become accessible and affordable thanks to companies such as Aqara. Through their two new devices, the Aqara Door & Window Sensor Alarm and Wireless Smart Temperature and Humidity Sensor, Aqara has proven (yet again) that smart technology doesn’t have to be eye-wateringly expensive. In this article, let’s test out Aqara’s smart devices to see if they live up to the standards...

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Review: Govee RGBIC LED Strip Lights

Create The Perfect Ambiance For Any Mood With Govee The Govee RGBIC LED strip lights allow you to transform any space from basic to bold almost immediately with a few easy steps. Design your own DIY colors, create the perfect vibe when listening to your music or show, and ultimately add life and mood-boosting color to any get-together or party. You can easily turn on your new lights with a press of a button on the app and/or the lights themselves, or simply with your voice. Your space will...

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Review: Yeelight Smart LED Bulb W3 – Dimmable Lighting Solutions

Let there be dimmable lights! Yeelight started the year with a bang, launching a range of smart lighting products including the Yeelight Smart LED Bulb W3 (Multicolor), which was highly successful because who doesn’t want color-changing lights? The Yeelight Smart LED Bulb W3 (Dimmable) is the W3 (Multicolor)’s serious sibling, offering the same convenience that all of Yeelight’s bulbs have to offer, but this time on a more subdued level. The W3 (Dimmable) stays true to its name — it’s a smart LED bulb that you can dim. If...

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Review: Eve Cam – The Privacy-Conscious Indoor Security Camera

The phrase “security camera” is generally a two-edged sword in the IoT (Internet of Things) world. While the intended purpose of such a product is to secure the surroundings within a camera’s view, quite the opposite can happen in the background. The smallest vulnerability in the camera’s software can be exploited by hackers, compromising the integrity of the video feed being captured, as well as exposing other devices on the network. These concerns prevent many from enjoying the security that such a device can provide. Eve Cam claims to...

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Review: D-Link All-Weather Full HD WiFi Camera – Home Security Made Simple

As the borders open up and holidays are being booked, it’s also a great time to think about home security. There are loads of products on the market now from an array of manufacturers which we have reviewed here and here. D-Link recently released what I think is one of the best ‘connected cameras’ on the market. The D-Link All-Weather Full HD WiFi Camera.

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Review: Logitech Harmony Elite

You may know the feeling. The living room table or couch is full of remote controls of various devices, and you always happen to pick up the wrong one. For years, Logitech’s Harmony remote controls have been a solution to this problem and have deservedly dominated the market. With everything trending towards smart homes, however, completely new devices came into play that didn’t exist years ago. The Logitech Harmony Elite is said to have responded to the emergence of the new technology​.​Smart remotes are the next way to simplify...

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