Review: Poco Pad: Enhance Your Digital Life
The prime personal assistant
If you have read my recent review of the Poco F6 and F6 Pro mobile phones, you will know that I have switched my allegiance to this brand having been a long-time Samsung lover.
Unlike a certain fruit, Chipolo provides a comprehensive smart tracking solution that goes beyond expectations while adding a pop of colour – free of charge.
Have you ever found yourself struggling to maintain the perfect angle while drawing on your iPad? Or perhaps you’ve experienced the discomfort of hand cramps during extended drawing sessions? If so, the Darkboard iPad Drawing Stand might just be the solution you’ve been searching for. This versatile accessory offers a range of setups to accommodate...
The iPad is an amazing device that can just about replace a laptop for most everyday users. Though any power user will tell you that no matter how good the touch interface is on an iPad, this on its own isn't quite enough. By adding mouse and trackpad support to iPadOS Apple finally paved the way for the iPad becoming the laptop replacement for its users. Apple has released its own keyboard and trackpad case for the iPad, but the price point is pretty hefty. Luckily this is where third party iOS accessory companies have flourished, and among those companies Zagg has cemented itself.
iPad stands are a dime a dozen. A single search on Amazon will offer you hundreds of choices, from the minimalist to the whimsical. However, most of the stands on the market are unimpressive. Nothing truly distinguishes one stand from the other. They’re essentially variations of one another — a mere “copy-and-paste”. Twelve South’s HoverBar...
The new Paperlike 2 Screen Protector retails for €34, £31, or $38 from their website, while not cheap compared to the average selling price of most iPad screen protectors, Paperlike can offer an experience like no other. I’ll be testing out the brand new Paperlike 2 on a 2018 iPad Pro 11” paired together...